Plumb Cider

Introduced by the late J. C. Plumb, Milton, Wis. Mr. Plumb, in 1874, said that it was brought from Ohio, in 1844, to Wisconsin by his father- "that the original tree, planted by him in Jefferson County, still stands, a model of form and fruitfulness." Tree vigorous, round-headed, an early bearer, very productive in alternate years.

Apple Variety: Plumb Cider

Plumb Cider.

Fruit above medium, roundish oblong, conical, ribbed, angular, sometimes furrowed, unequal; surface greenish yellow, thinly shaded, with light red, with darker bright red splashes and stripes on sunny side; dots minute, white, obscure; cavity acute, narrow; stem short; basin very shallow, narrow, wrinkled, wavy; calyx closed. Core open, clasping, cordate; tube long, very narrow, funnel-shaped; stamens extremely marginal, touching the segments, a marked characteristic; seeds many, short, plump, pointed; flesh greenish white, firm, fine-grained, juicy, brisk subacid, good. October to January.

Pomme Gris (Gray Apple)

Origin unknown, introduced from Canada, but probably of Swiss or French origin; tree of moderate growth but an early bearer.

Apple Variety: Pomme Gris

Pomme Gris.

Fruit small; form roundish oblate, regular; surface rough, with thick scaly russet, greenish gray in shade and a deep orange red cheek on sunny side; cavity small, shallow, wide; stem short, slender; basin narrow, shallow; calyx small, open; flesh yellowish, crisp, tender, very juicy, very rich, brisk, highly aromatic, very good to best. December to April.


Originated by the Rev. S. Porter, of Sherburne, Massachusetts ; tree of moderate vigor, with low, round, spreading head, an abundant bearer.

Fruit medium; form regular, oblong, tapering to calyx; surface glossy bright yellow, with a few dull stripes and splashes; dots very minute, whitish centres and green bases, numerous; cavity regular, acute, trace of russet; stem medium; basin narrow, smooth, or minutely wrinkled, rather shallow; calyx closed; segments divergent. Core wide open, meeting; cells large, abaxile, roomy, elliptical, much slit; calyx-tube conical; stamens basal; seeds rounded, plump, short; flesh yellow, with yellow veinings, fine-grained, juicy, sprightly subacid, very good. September.

Apple Variety: Porter

Prices Sweet

Of very strong upright growth in nursery and orchard; subject to sunscald where stem is not protected; popular in parts of the West.

Fruit medium, regular, oblong conical, often unequal; surface yellowish green, mostly thinly covered with mixed and marbled dull red, obscurely splashed and striped; dots large, distinct, numerous, russet, rough; cavity slightly acuminate, deep, regular, with large patch of russet radiating out over base; stem medium to long; basin narrow, corrugated, shallow; calyx closed; segments erect convergent. Core half open; cells abaxile, elliptical; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds short, plump, few, crowded in cells; flesh yellowish white, moderately juicy, very sweet, good. September and October.