Large, roundish oblate; color creamy white, marbled and splashed with crimson. Flesh juicy, melting, rich; pit free. Commercial South, where it ripens in July and is very productive; specially valuable in the dry southwest States.


Medium, roundish, color creamy white, with reddish dots, and bright red and crimson in the sun. Flesh creamy white, with red at the pit, juicy, rich, high-flavored; pit nearly free. Commercial in the South. New York.


Medium to large, roundish, somewhat compressed; color yellow, with red cheek. Flesh yellow, juicy, vinous, good; pit not free. Season quite late. A Pennsylvania variety grown South.

Toledo (Early Toledo)

Large, roundish; color yellowish white, streaked and mottled with red; cavity quite large and deep; suture extends beyond the apex. Flesh yellowish white, with red at the pit, tender, sweet, pleasant, good; pit free. An early bearer and hardy tree. Ohio.


Medium to large, globular, flattened; color greenish yellow, with mixed red and broken stripes of purplish red, pink dots, and velvety surface; cavity wide, abrupt, and deep; suture shallow except near cavity, and extends to pointed apex. Flesh yellow, with red stains, juicy, mild, luscious, very good; pit free. Season very early. New, but its culture is extending South.


Medium, roundish; color creamy white, with bright red cheek; suture does not extend quite to apex; cavity broad, depth medium. Flesh whitish, dark red at pit, tender, vinous, but not rich; pit free. Season early. Grown east of the lakes. New Jersey.


Very large, roundish or roundish oval; color yellow, with dark red cheek and bloom; cavity narrow and deep; suture extends past the apex. Flesh yellow, with red at pit, juicy, vinous, rich, very good; pit not free. Mainly grown in Utah and on west coast, but it thrives in the South.

Van Buren (Dwarf)

An ornamental dwarf-growing variety, with small flowers, grown in Ohio and over the South in a small way. Fruit medium, round, golden yellow, with a rich carmine cheek; flesh yellow, firm, juicy, sprightly; cling.


Medium, roundish. Flesh pleasant, subacid; pit not free. A seedling of Chinese Cling crossed with Spanish Blood, of value on account of its extreme earliness, often maturing its fruit in the South by the middle of May.