Medium to large, oblong; color creamy white, with bright red cheek. Flesh firm, white, rich, and sweet; pit free. An admirable shipper of good quality. Planted largely in Georgia by Mr. Hale and others. Season follows Greensboro and Sneed.


Medium, oblong oval, one side often largest; color golden yellow, quite downy; cavity rather narrow; suture extends to apex. Flesh bright yellow, firm, quite juicy, sweet, slightly vinous, but not rich; pit free. A hardy variety, mainly grown for drying and canning. New York.

Walburton (Walburton's Admirable)

Large, roundish; color yellowish green, with crimson mottling and dark red cheek. Flesh yellowish white, with red at pit, melting, juicy, rich; pit free. Quite extensively planted east of lakes. England.


Medium, roundish oblong; color light salmon, with bright red cheek. Flesh yellowish white, with red at the pit, juicy, very sweet, good to very good; pit free. A seedling of Peen-to, much prized in Texas and the far South. Florida.


Medium to large, roundish oval; color creamy white, with clear red cheek and light bloom; suture extends to apex. Flesh creamy white, with red at pit, tender, sprightly, good; pit free. Season, quite late. Popular east of the lakes. Delaware.

Ward (Ward's Late)

Large, roundish, inclined to oval; color white, with bright crimson cheek. Flesh white, with red at pit, juicy, melting, rich; pit free; very good. An old variety now commercial at several points East and Far West.


Medium, roundish; color greenish white, with purple red of cheek and pale red mottling in the shade; suture extends beyond the apex. Flesh greenish white, melting, vinous; quality very good; pit partially free. New York.


Large to very large, roundish; color golden yellow, shaded on cheek with dark red and crimson; suture distinct to the apex. Flesh yellow, with red at the pit, quite firm, juicy, sweet; quality very good; pit free. Widely grown and commercial in Colorado and Utah.


Large, roundish oval; color yellow, with carmine blush of cheek and some bloom; cavity narrow and deep; suture extends beyond apex. Flesh yellow, with red at pit, quite tender, and high flavored; pit free. New, but growing in popularity at the Southwest for late shipment and home use.


Large, roundish; color yellow, with red and crimson ' cheek. Flesh yellow, rich, melting, vinous, good; pit free. A hardy Western variety. Nebraska.

Worrell (Sallie Worrell)

Very large, color creamy white, shaded and splashed with pale to deep red. Flesh firm, juicy, delicious; pit free. A promising new variety. North Carolina.


Large, yellow, with red cheek. Flesh yellow, quite firm, rather rich; quality good; pit free. Season, somewhat earlier than Elberta. Grown in Missouri. Illinois.

Yellow Alberge (Alberge Yellow)

Medium, roundish; color yellow, with purplish red cheek; suture distinct, passing to the apex. Flesh yellow, with deep red at the pit, juicy, sweet, good; pit free. Season, middle of August. France.

Yellow Rareripe

Medium to large, ovate, compressed; color yellow, with clear red cheek and bloom; suture distinct, extending beyond the apex; cavity narrow. Flesh yellow, with red at pit, tender, and rich-flavored; pit free. Commercial.

Yellow Tuscany (Dura-Cini)

A very large yellow cling variety, largely planted in South California, and is now considered the best yellow cling yet tested for canning. It ripens with Lemon Cling. So far as tested it is free from leaf curl in California, Arizona, and Southwest Texas.