Sections 202, 203, and 204 give notes on the history, soil, and air requisites for culture, propagation, and commercial olive products. The culture of the fruit has been on a commercial scale in California several years and its culture in South Arizona and portions of New Mexico and Mexico is rapidly on the increase.

Leading Varieties Of The Olive


Medium, broadly oval; color pale yellow, changing to dark purple when fully ripe; pit small. Flesh only slightly bitter, with rich flavor. Season, late. Grown in dry localities in Arizona and California.


Medium, curved; color shiny black; much used for pickling under the brand of "Crescent Olive." Does well near the coast and in Arizona.


Large, oval or obovate; color purple or nearly black. A leading pickling variety of Arizona and parts of California with dry interior climate.


Quite large, rounded oval; color purplish black. A leading pickling and oil variety of Arizona, parts of New Mexico, and California.


Small to medium, oval, oblique. Season, late. The common variety of the Missions of New Mexico, Arizona, and California; somewhat varied by seedling production.

Nevadillo Blanco

Small to medium, oval, oblique. Much grown in Arizona, and to a less extent in dry hot interior valleys in California.


Quite large, oblique oval, but narrow at stem and broad at apex, usually pointed at both ends. Season, three weeks earlier than the common Mission. A French variety succeeding well in Arizona, and in dry interior valleys of west coast.


Large, with relatively small pit. A test shows over 29 per cent of oil. This variety is only productive under irrigation in dry interior climates.


Large, curved at apex end. A variety mainly grown | for pickling. Does best in the interior valleys.

Mission Olive

Mission Olive.


Quite large, oval. A French variety doing well in Arizona and in hot interior valleys on mesa ridges of California.


Very large, ovate, oblique, pointed. Season, very early. Grown on long stems in clusters of two and three; mainly used for pickling.


Small, oval, oblique; color black. Does well in Arizona and on the west coast, and gives a larger per cent of oil than Mission,


Very large, obovate, oblique; color purple. A very large Spanish variety used exclusively for pickling. Succeeds best in dry interior climates and does well in South Arizona.


Small to medium, oval; color dark purple. Season, very late. The fruit grows in clusters, and in shape resembles grapes; hence it is very prolific. It has a very high percentage of oil.