The orange family includes the cultivated oranges, lemon, lime, shaddock, citron, pomelo, and kumquat. Chapter XV of Part I gives something of the history, propagation, culture, pruning, curing, and uses of these fruits.

Leading Varieties Of The Orange

Amory Blood (Amory's Malta Oval)

Medium to large, roundish; color yellow. Flesh with red veining, melting; quality good. Season, quite early. A fine tree of robust habit in Florida that has proven a good cropper.

Australian Navel

A coarser type of the Navel, but about equal in quality of pulp. It can be distinguished in shipments by the coarser markings of the skin and all the external parts. The tree appears to be hardier than the species in North California and Arizona.


Large, oval; color orange with red shadings. Flesh melting, rather rich; quality very good. A variety originating in Florida now being planted quite extensively.


Large, roundish; color light orange; quality good. Season, very early. Originated in Florida and has been considerably planted on account of its early ripening.


Medium in size, round, yellow; quality very good. Tree vigorous and productive in Florida, and prized as a late variety that will hang on the tree without deterioration until summer.


Medium in size, round; color yellow; quality best. Originated in Florida and prized on account of its high quality.

Enterprise (Enterprise Seedless)

Medium, round, yellow; quality good. Season, early. A nearly seedless variety originating in Florida, now double-starred by the American Pomological Society.


Medium, round, yellow; quality good. Season, early. Another Florida seedling now commercial on a line south of Tampa.


Medium, round, yellow; quality very good, combining the sweetness of the Chinese strain with the juiciness and spright-liness of the Portuguese type. Commercial.

Imperial Blood

Medium, round; color yellow, with red shading. Flesh shaded with red; type good. A seedling originating in Florida of the Maltese Blood. Commercial.


Almost identical with Majorka, but is sweeter and regarded in most localities a more regular bearer. Double-starred in Florida and parts of Arizona. Malta.

Jaffa Blood

Small to medium, oval; color orange, with patches of bright red. Flesh colored like Malta Blood; quality best. Quite as profitable as Jaffa, though smaller in size.


Medium, very heavy, oblong in form; color yellow with red cheek. Flesh firm, juicy, with peculiar flavor that many like, while others regard it only fair in quality. Grown in California from seed obtained from Palestine.


Small, three-quarters to one and one-quarter inches in diameter, with sweet, thick rind and acid pulp. A large shrub, much hardier than the orange, that loads with the small fruit. Two varieties are cultivated differing only in shape, one being round, the other oval. They are widely grown across the continent on the south limit. The fruit is preserved, and also used for dessert, the rind as well as pulp being eaten. The bushes are often potted for ornamental use in living-rooms.