Madam Vinous

Medium, round, yellow; quality best. Originated in Florida, where it is double-starred by the American Porno-logical Society.


Medium, nearly round; color orange-yellow. Flesh fine-grained, tender, vinous, very good. Popular market variety in Florida and also in extreme Southwest Texas and in Arizona. Malta.

Maltese Blood

Small to medium, oval; color yellow, with patches of rosy red. Flesh tender with delicious flavor, streaked and mottled with red; seeds few. A dessert variety grown in Florida, Arizona, and California. The tree rarely shows thorns.

Maltese Egg

Small, oval; color orange and red; quality best. A fair grower and heavy bearer in South Florida, Arizona, and California.

Maltese Oval (Gary's Mediterranean)

Medium, oblong, flattened at the stem; quality very good; a late keeper. Much prized as a shipper in Florida, but it needs good culture and soil fertilization.

Maltese Blood Orange

Mediterranean Sweet Orange

Maltese Blood OrangeMediterranean Sweet Orange

Mediterranean Sweet

Medium to large; color yellow. Flesh solid, but of fine texture with few seeds. Season, very late on west coast, where it was the leading variety prior to the advent of the Bahia or Navel. Popular in Arizona, where it ripens much earlier. It also ripens much earlier in Florida.

May's Best

Medium, round, yellow; quality good; season quite early. A commercial variety south of Tampa in Florida.

Old Vini

Large, round, yellow; quality very good. Season, quite early. A Florida seedling now commercial south of Tampa in Florida.

Paper Rind St. Michael

Small, round. Flesh very firm, juicy, very good; skin very thin. Season, late in California, but earlier in Season, medium to late; quality very good. Much grown in South Florida, Arizona and Florida. Tree of dwarf habit; an excellent bearer, and extensively grown to follow the Naval.

Paper Rind Orange

Paper Rind Orange.

Parson Brown

Medium round, . yellow; quality good. A Florida seedling, much grown on account mainly of its early ripening.


Large, round; color yellow, with violet shading.


Medium, roundish; color yellow, with areas of red. Flesh usually reddened, juicy, and sprightly; quite acid until fully ripe. A good bearer, and finds ready sale on account of its colored flesh. Grown across the continent in the orange belts.

Satsuma (Unshiu)

Medium-sized, flattened. Flesh fine-grained sweet, nearly seedless. In California now top-worked on sweet orange, where it ripens earlier. In Florida it is hardier than most varieties, and is worked mainly on Citrus trifoliata; commercial as a fancy thin skinned variety ripening very early in Florida, often the first of October.

Valencia Late Orange

Valencia Late Orange.

Sweet Seville

Small, round; color yellow; quality fairly good. Season, very early, and sweet even before it fully colors; used in Florida for early shipments when all other varieties are too sour.

Tangerine (Kid Glove)

Small, flat; color yellow, shaded with red. Flesh juicy, aromatic; quality best. A fancy fruit running into many varieties. The one described above is commercial under the above name.

Thompson Improved - An improved variety of the Navel, with thinner and silkier rind and more melting pulp than the first introduced type. This is now sought by planters in California and Arizona.

Valencia Late (Hart's Tardiff)

Medium, oblong, or long oval; color pale yellow. Flesh deep yellow, sprightly and crisp; very good. Season, late. Tree a strong grower with some thorns. Double-starred in Florida and California as the best late shipper.


Medium, round, yellow; quality very good. A variety of the sweet China oranges originated in Florida that has become commercial.

Washington Navel (Bahia)

Large, solid, heavy, roundish oval; color yellow. Flesh melting; quality nearly best, and is practically seedless, as a seed is not often found. Tree is healthy and an excellent early bearer on the west coast, and it also bears well in the hotter and drier air of Arizona and to less extent in Florida. But the highest quality is developed in the interior valleys of California, or rather on the slopes leading down to the valleys. Brazil.