Lady Rusk

Large, and described in Ohio as several days earlier than Crescent, and it is superior to it in every respect, holding its size well through the season, and, above all, one of the most productive varieties. Pistillate.

Lady Thompson

Large, conical, regular; color crimson and red. Flesh quite firm; quality very good. The season is long and the size holds up well. Grown from Ohio southward mainly. Flowers perfect. North Carolina.


Large, obtuse conical; color dark crimson. Flesh solid; quality nearly best; succeeds best on clay soils. Highly prized for home growing as it is rich and sweet. Flowers perfect.

Lester Lovett - Large, roundish, somewhat conical, regular in form, and smooth; color brilliant scarlet. Flesh firm; quality good. Season, ten days later than Gandy. Flowers perfect. A new variety coming to the front in New Jersey and doing well at the West.


Large, conical or long conical; color crimson; quality very good. Fruit stems short and drooping. Remarkably productive in the prairie States, and popular everywhere it has been tested. Flowers perfect. Kentucky.


Medium in size, roundish conical; color dark crimson. Flesh firm and good in quality. Season remarkably early, for which reason it is commercial in New Jersey and Delaware. Stands drouth well at the West. Perfect in flower.