Of late years the double-flowered form of this easily-grown hardy perennial has completely driven the single-flowered variety out of the market. It is an evergreen plant with masses of grey-green bluntly-toothed leaves which form a carpet on the ground, the flower spikes about 6 in. high standing well above them, and appearing early in the year and continuing more or less throughout the summer months. The blossoms are pure white, double, and last a long time either cut or on the plant. Cultivation is simple. Any garden soil will do, and almost any situation. For market work the plants may be grown about 6 in. apart between fruit trees and semi-shady places, and in spring they are packed about two dozen in shallow boxes, and sold for bedding-out purposes; and again in the autumn for covering beds planted with Tulips, Hyacinths, Daffodils, etc, so that the double white Arabis may be regarded as a lucrative crop, requiring the minimum of cost to grow. It is best increased by division almost at any time except in winter, or by cuttings of sturdy shoots from the base. Other kinds are A. alpina, 6 in., white; brevifolia, with small Aubrietia-like leaves and rose-pink flowers; A. procurrens, 6 in., white; and a form with variegated leaves.

Aquilegia coerulea.

Fig. 184. - Aquilegia coerulea.