This South African plant was cultivated extensively some years ago, and is still grown by a few under its old name of Crassula. It has erect fleshy stems and ovate triangular-fleshy leaves arranged crosswise in alternate pairs. The brilliant-scarlet flowers are borne in flattish clusters at the tips of the shoots. The plants flourish in any ordinary garden soil, and are easily propagated from almost any piece of detached shoot. Cuttings are inserted in pots in a very sandy compost during the spring and summer months. They require but little moisture, and soon root. The young plants are potted up singly in small pots, and the tips of the shoots are pinched out later on, when growth has commenced. At one time fine bushy well-flowered specimens were sent to market in 5-in. pots (48's), and are so still; but many are now sent in 3-in. pots instead.