The best-known species is A. Unedo, the British Strawberry Tree, with evergreen finely toothed leaves, clusters of drooping white or rose-tinted flowers in autumn, followed by roundish granular Strawberrylike fruits. There are varieties like coccinea, rubra, microphylla, and Croomei, which are either grafted on stocks of the common species or layered. The Grecian A. Andrachne, 10-15 ft. high, has greenish-white flowers in March and April; and A. Menziesi (procera) from North America has Laurel-like leaves, and white flowers in September. There is a hybrid group supposed to have originated between Unedo and Andrachne, and there are several varieties like magnifica, photinicefolia, Milleri, Rollisoni, and serratifolia with a flowering period between December and February.