Ornamental shrubs, of which the best known are: the Chilian Orange Ball Tree (B. globosa), 10-20 ft. high, with long lance-shaped leaves, and ball-like heads of brilliant orange-yellow flowers. B. variabilis, from Tibet, grows 6-8 ft. high, has long tapering racemes of lilac or rose-purple flowers from June to September. The variety Veitchiana is somewhat deeper tinted in colour. Both these species are quite hardy in most parts, and may be raised from seeds or cuttings. B. Colvillei is only hardy in the very mildest parts of the kingdom, although it comes from 9000 to 12,000 ft. up the Himalayas. It has beautiful bell-shaped rosy flowers, and is probably best as a pot plant grown in a greenhouse. Other species rarely seen are crispa, japonica, and Lindleyana.