Several species are grown, although they are suitable only for the milder parts of the kingdom. The flowers, although fleeting in character, are produced so profusely in succession that the bushes appear to be always in bloom during the season - from May to July. Propagation by seeds, layers, and cuttings. The kinds mostly grown for sale in pots are ladaniferus, the Gum Cistus (fig. 419), 4 ft., with narrow clammy leaves and white flowers, which in the variety maculatus have a purple blotch at the base of the petals; laurifolius, 5-6 ft., with ovate lance-shaped leaves and white flowers with yellow blotch at base of petals; lusitanicus, 3-5 ft., flowers white, blotched with purple at base; monspeliensis, 4 ft., with yellow blotch at base of white petals. The variety jiorentinus has wrinkled leaves, and white flowers yellow at the base and tipped with rose. Other species are Cyprius, incanus (or villosus), populifolius, purpureus, salvifolius, etc.

Cistus ladaniferus.

Fig. 419. - Cistus ladaniferus.