Only a few of the 100 species of Bramble are dealt in commercially. They are mostly of climbing or trailing habit, and require the support of stakes, etc, but there are a few shrubby or bushy kinds. One of the best of the latter is R. spectabilis, from North America, 6-10 ft. high, with tri-foliolate serrate leaves, and deep rose-purple flowers in April. R. biflorus (often called leucodermis) has conspicuous white stems. R. deiiciosus (fig. 443) has white flowers and Currant-like leaves. R. phosnicolasius is the Japanese Wineberry, with pink flowers and masses of delicious scarlet fruits. R. lacini-atus, with ornamental deeply-cut leaves and white or rosy flowers, is worth growing for its fruits alone. The Common Blackberry (R. fruticosus) is valued more as a fruit than as an ornamental shrub.

Rubus deiiciosus. (3/5).

Fig. 443. - Rubus deiiciosus. (3/5).