This was in every respect an excellent exhibition, perhaps one of the most extensive shows of Dahlias that has taken place during the past twenty years. Some idea of its extent may be gained when it is stated that in the seven classes for Dahlias there were sixty-nine entries, and of these sixty-three stands of flowers were produced. The various flowers were arranged on a line of tables running from the centre transept towards the east end of the Palace. Cut flowers formed the whole of the exhibition, and in no one particular could it be denominated weak.

The best 48 Dahlias were staged by Mr John Keynes of Salisbury, and fully maintained his high reputation as a cultivator. Next to him came Mr H. May, Bedale; Mr J. Harrison, Darlington; and lastly Mr George Edward, York. Mr Keynes's stand consisted of Vice-President, Queen of Beauties, .John Kirby, Flag of Truce, Annie Neville, John Neville, Purple Flake, Gazelle,-lames Cocker, Amy Creed, Heroine, Princess of Prussia, Octoroon, William Lucas, Mrs Henshaw, Yellow Boy, Flora Wyatt, Mrs Thornhill, Mary Keynes, Mrs Eckford, Mr Dix, Matilda, Toison d'Or, Lady of the Lake, Sir G. Smythe, Lady Jane Ellis, James Backhouse, Golden Drop, Hon. Miss Herbert, Victory, Lilac Queen, John Harrison, Julia Wyatt, James Hunter, Lady Gladys Herbert, Mrs Boston, Nelly Buckle, Emperor, King of Primroses, George White, Jenny Austin, Memorial, Norfolk Hero, Leah, Lightning, Earl Pembroke, and seedlings. In Mr May's stand were good examples of Leopard, George White, Baron Taunton, Leah, Miss Henshaw, Master of Arts, Eclipse, Criterion, Memorial, John Kirby, and Yellow Boy.

In the class for 36 flowers, Messrs Draycott & Sons, Humberstone, Leicester, were first with superbly-finished blooms of Nor'folk Hero, Lady Jane Ellis, Criterion, Gazelle, Lord Derby, Heroine, John Dunnington, Annie Neville, Volunteer, Julia Wyatt, Blushing Fifteen, James Hunter, Mr Dix, Princess of Wales, Memorial, Leah, Lilac Queen, Eclipse, Vice-President, Flag of Truce, Miss Henshaw, Hon. G. Wellesley, John Kirby, Yellow Perfection, British Triumph, James Bennett, Mrs Boston, Mrs Thornhill, Lady Gladys Herbert, Lord Palmerston, Juno, Sir G. Smyth, King of Primroses, and George Brown. The second, third, and fourth prizes in the same class were awarded to Mr May, Mr Keynes, and Mr Harrison, in the order in which the names are placed.

The prize-takers in the class for 24 were Mr J. Walker, Thame, Oxon; Messrs Kelway and Son, Langport; Mr H. Clark, Rodley, near Leeds; and Mr T. W. Pilcher, Horsham, Surrey, in the order in which the names are placed. The varieties in the first prize-stand were James Austin, Councillor, Purity, Mr Dix, Yellow Boy, Annie Neville, Ne plus ultra, John Kirby, Gazelle, Lady J. Ellis, Vedette, Lady G. Herbert, Hugh Miller, Toison d'Or, Norfolk Hero, Nelly Buckle, George White, Mrs Boston, Flag of Truce, Heroine, Champion, and Yellow Perfection.

The fancy varieties were also contributed in grand condition, Mr Keynes taking first for 24 with Flora Wyatt, Lightning, Flossie Williams, Chang, Sam Bartlett, Alice Purchase, Sparkler, John Sealey, Mrs Bunn, Hero of York, Richard Dean, Marvellous, John Salter, Wonderful, Fanny Sturt, Chameleon, Grand Sultan, Octoroon, Oliver Twist, Attraction, Viceroy, Purple Flake, Leopardess, and Ar-temus Ward. The second prize was taken by Mr H. May with Coquette, John Bunn, Gem, Hero of York, Prospero, John Salter, Attraction, Remarkable, Leopard, Lady Dunmore, Glory, Grand Sultan, Queen of Sports, Startler, Leopardess, Polly Perkins. Formidable, Princess of Wales, and Fanny Sturt.

The classes in the amateurs' divisions were well filled, and the blooms on the whole were of excellent quality, although not quite equal to those staged by the trade exhibitors. The first prize for 24 was taken by Mr C. J. Perry, Castle Brom-wich; the second by Mr Pelford, gardener to G. Thornhill, Esq., Diddington; and the third by Mr J. Purfitt, Wandsworth Common. Mr G. Martin, Henfield, Sussex, Mr G. H. Tewks, and Mr A. Glasscock, Bishops Stortford, were the prize-takers in the class for 12; and Mr C. J. Perry, Mr Pitfield, Mr Purfitt, and Mr Tewks, in the class for 6 Fancies: the prizes in each instance were awarded in the order in which the names are placed. The varieties were chiefly the same as those shown in the previous classes.

Hollyhocks were good, considering the dry season we have had. The best collection of nine spikes was shown by Mr H. Minchin, Hook Norton, Oxon; and the second by Mr W. Chater, Saffron Walden. The best varieties staged were James Anderson, Her Majesty, Anna Maria, Acme, Hermione, Fred. Chater Mrs Bruce, Speciosa, Whitley King, Exultium, Cygnet, Oscar, Perfection, Sylph, and Carus Chater. The position of the above were reversed in the class for 24 cut blooms, Mr Chater being first and Mr Minchin second, with Mr Harrison third, and Messrs Draycott & Sons fourth. The stand from Mr Chater consisted of Alfred Chater, Perfection, Countess of Craven, Fred. Chater, Exultium Improved, Speciosa, Bijou, Standard-Bearer, Triumph, Eclipse, Joy, Carus Chater, Bullion, Marion, Exhibitor, Lord Napier, Nonpareil, King, Rose d'Amour, Conquest, and Walden Primrose. Only three stands in the class for amateurs were put up, and the prizes were awarded to Mr W. Minchin, Hook Norton, Oxon, Mr R. Fry, Taunton, and Mr Rickwood, Ilkley, near Leeds, in the order in which the names are placed.

The show of Roses was somewhat limited in character, and, as a matter of course, of but passable quality. Decidedly the best flowers were in the stand of 24 varieties, contributed by Messrs Paul & Son, Cheshunt.

Asters, both French and German, were very fine; and the large size and rich colouring of many of the flat-petalled or French varieties fairly puzzled some of the visitors, whose idea of "Chaney Asters" dates back'twenty years ago.

The stands of Gladioli made a fine display, and attracted considerable attention. The best 36 came from Messrs Kelway & Son, Langport; the next best from Mr Geo. Wheeler, Warminster. The best 24 were shown by Messrs Stuart & Mein, Kelso; the second best by Messrs Draycott & Sons. Mr R. Fry, gardener, Taunton, was first in the amateurs' class for 12 varieties, and the Rev. H. H. Dombrain second. The varieties given in last month's 'Gardener,' as shown at South Kensington, will serve to indicate the best flowers staged on this occasion.

Verbenas were finely shown by Mr C. J. Perry and others. The example of Shakespeare in Mr Perry's stand was as fine as a Verbena could well be. The leading varieties in Mr Perry's stand, who was first with 24 kinds, were Model, Mrs Hole, Magnificent, Ada King, Rose Improved, Velocipede, Apollo, Rev. P. M. Smythe, Mauve King, Clara Perry, Mrs George Prince, Miss Lawden, Shakespeare, Giant, Diana, Rev. C. Peach, Modesty, Mrs Stenger, Edwin Day, and the Rev. S. R. Hole.

Large collections of plants, nicely arranged, were contributed by Messrs Downie, Laird, & Laing, and Carter & Co., and materially aided the show. Unfortunately the weather was very unpropitious, nevertheless there was a very good company, and the tables were thronged with visitors.

In the evening the subscribers and friends of the Society sat down to dinner in one of the dining-rooms of the Palace, there being a good muster of florists and others present. The Rev. H. H. Dombrain, Hon. Sec. to the Society, took the chair, and the Rev. Cleaver Peach the vice-chair. Hearty promises of support were given to the Society, and several new subscribers were announced; while others expressed their intention of doubling their subscriptions another season.