This was a very fine exhibition, perhaps the finest London show yet held, as the quality of many of the things staged was very good indeed: stove and greenhouse and fine-foliaged plants, together with Orchids, made a grand display. There was one class for twenty stove and greenhouse plants grown in 12-inch pots, which brought some superb young specimens. Messrs Jackson & Sons, Kingston, had the best group, the most conspicuous examples being Erica Cavendishiana, E. ventricosa grandiflora, a perfect picture of health and beauty; E. ventricosa coccinea minor, Cleroden-dron Balfouri, the bright-flowered C. Kaempferi, together with Aphelexes, Azaleas, etc. Other good examples of stove and greenhouse plants included Kalosanthes Frederick Desbois and K. Phcenise, both very attractive; Bougainvillea glabra, a fine white-flowered Vincaocellata; Franciscea Eximea; Adenandra fragrans, a well-flowered plant of Begonia parviflora; Allamanda nobilis, very fine; Dipladenia amabilis, Dracophyllum gracile, and Leschenaultia biloba major. Perhaps better-grown specimens of fine-foliaged plants were never before seen than some of these staged on this occasion.

In the open class for nine distinct plants, Mr Baines, gardener to H. L. Micholls, Esq., was first with a splendid example of Nepenthes Rafflesiana, with over two dozen handsome pitchers of great size; Alocassia metal-lica, extremely fine; Gleichenia speluncae, Croton angustifolium, C. variegatum, Verschaffeltia splendida, said to be the finest example ever shown; Stevensonia grandiflora, Theophrasta imperialis, and Dasylirion acrotrichum. Other fine examples were Phcenix farinifera, Latania borbonica, Alocasia zebrina, Anthu-rium acaule, and a grand specimen of Thamnopteris nidus.

Orchids, though very fine, were not quite up to the mark at which they were shown at Manchester. Mr Denning, gardener to Lord Londesborough, sent the best 9 in the open class, comprising AErides odoratum var., a fine specimen, with 16 beautiful spikes; AErides affine, very good; Epidendrum vitellinum majus, with 11 richly-coloured spikes; Cattleya Warneri, very fine; Laelia purpurata, beautifully coloured; Dendrobium crystallinum; D. M'Carthiae; a four-spiked specimen of the pretty spotted Odontoglossum niveum; and the curious Pescatorea cerina. The second best lot came from Mr Burnett, gardener to W. Terry, Esq., Ful-ham; and the third from Mr W. Bull, Chelsea. From the former came a very fine specimen of Cypripedium barbatum superbum; a good example of the pretty rosy crimson Saccolabium ampullaceum, and an excellent Cattleya Mossiae, etc. Mr Bull sent Odontoglossum citrosmum and 0. citrosmum roseum, Laelia Brysiana, and L. purpurata splendens, etc, in very nice condition. The best 6 in the nurserymen's class were contributed by Mr B. S. Williams, and consisted of a splendid specimen of Cypripedium barbatum superbum, nearly 3 feet over; grand examples of Cattleya Mossiae and C. Warneri; Laelia purpurata, two fine spikes of richly-coloured flowers; AErides odoratum, a very healthy specimen; and Anguloa Clowesii. Mr W. Bull, who had amongst others a fine specimen of Trichopilia tortilis, was 2d. In the amateurs' class for the same number, Mr Denning was again to the fore with Dendrobium Parishii, very beautiful; Laelia purpurata, with four admirable spikes, two very nice AErides, etc.: Mr J. Ward, gardener to F. G. Wilkins, Esq., Leyton, who had two good Cattleyas, Oncidium bifolium, Anguloa Clowesii, with eight grand flowers, and a very fine Phalaenopis grandiflora, being 2d. The best single specimen was Dendrobium Devonianum, with four magnificent spikes, about 30 inches long, from Mr T. Baines; the second being a remarkably handsome Laelia purpurata from Mr R. Laing, gardener to P. W. Flower, Esq., Furze Down, Tooting Common.

The best 6 variegated Zonal Pelargoniums shown on this occasion came from Messrs Carter & Co. They consisted of Fairyland, Aurora, Sophia Cusack, Lady Cullum, Prince of Wales, and Mrs Dunnett.

There was a very nice show of fruit, but so crowded were the tables, it was very difficult to get near it. The best Pine-Apple was a Queen, weighing 6 lb., from Mr Ward, Bishop-Stortford, a good smooth-leaved Cayenne coming in second best. Mr Douglas, of Loxford Hall Gardens, sent the best dish of Black Grapes, superb Black Hamburgh, fine in berry, bunch, and colour. The best White Grapes were Buckland Sweet Water, also from Mr Douglas; the next best, Muscat of Alexandria, from Messrs Standish & Co. The finest Peaches were Royal George, Stirling Castle, and Bellegarde. The best Nectarines, Violette Hative, Elruge, and Brugnon. Strawberries and Cherries were also good; among the former, British Queen and La Constante were particularly noticeable.