The following Annuals will suit you: - Clarkia elegans, C. pul-chelia grandiflora, Collinsia bicolor, Coreopsis tinctoria, C. Drummondii, Dianthus Heddewigii, Erysimum Peroffskianum, Hibiscus Africanus, Lupinus nanus, L. mutabilis, Schizanthus pinnatus, and Venus's Looking-glass. Sow them on good soil late in May, thin out the plauts well, and they will bloom when you want them.

R. B., Campbeltown

Antirrhinums will flower in summer if sown in heat early in March, and when large enough to handle, prick them out into seed-pans and plant out about the first week in June. Phloxes in the open border require no protection in winter.

R. Logan

Your specimen came in good condition this time. It is Spiraea laevigata, a native of Siberia.

R. M. T

Plant four of Black Hamburg, two of Alnwick Seedling, three Gros Colmar, and three Muscat of Alexandria in one house, putting the two last named at the warmest end of the house. In the other house, four Black Hamburg, two Duke of Buccleuch, one White Frontignac, and one Grizzly Frontignac - the two latter at warm end of house.

R. P

Yes; Marechal Niel is perfectly hardy in Dumfriesshire, and blooms well.

R. Pender

"Warrior" is a very fine double Fuchsia; " Inimitabilis " and "Noblesse " are first-rate single varieties. Viola Perfection, Lutea Major, Lutea de Massiffs, and Perpetual Yellow, are the best for general purposes.

R. Rhodes, Morpeth

To grow your Hollyhocks well, trench the ground just before planting, adding a good portion of well-decomposed manure. " War Eagle" is the blackest Hollyhock known. It takes good growing to make it showable. The following 12 are really fine, and will answer your purpose well: Charles Eyre, Countess of Craven, John Gair, Brilliant, Ida, Ruby Queen, James Whitton, Queen of Yellows, Mrs P. Bruce, William Craven, Octoroon, R. G. Ross.

R. S., Morpeth

Blue King and Blue Gem are purely bedding Pansies.

R. T. Jobsen, Kendal

The following 12 Pelargoniums are not expensive, and will do well for Exhibition purposes - Artist, Charles Turner, Congress, Envoy, John Hoyle, Lady of the Lake, Mary Hoyle, The Rival, Mr Rassam, Warrior, William Hoyle, Queen of Scots.

R. W

Both the firms you first name manufacture first-rate Mowers. We do not recommend tradesmen. We have not had experience of the third, but it is highly spoken of too.

R. Wynne, Haydon Bridge

Try Violas Perfection, mauve blue, and Golden Perpetual, yellow. The best yellow Hollyhock is Queen of the Yellows. There is not a first-rate black yet - Black Douglas is perhaps the best.