The recent exhibition of the National Rose Society, held at South Kensington, England, was said to be a grand feast of roses, upwards of six thousand blooms being shown. In the nurserymen's class for seventy-two trusses, Mr. B. Cant, of Colchester, took the prize. The Garden says of this exhibit:

" Being so thoroughly representative of the finest exhibition roses, it may be well to give the names of the most prominent varieties in this collection as a guide to those who wish to make a selection of exhibition sorts, and, moreover, save us the trouble of reiterating the names in the other classes.

"Hybrid Perpeiuals: Xavier Olibo, John Hopper, Mad. Gabriel Luizet, Mad. Clemence Joigneaux, Francois Miche-lon, Constantin Tretiakoif, A. K. Williams. Mad. Charles Wood, Marquise de Castellane, Duchesse de Vallombrosa, Dupuy Jamain, Ferdinand de Lesseps, Star of Waltham. Edouard Morren, Mons. Noman, Mad. Eugene Verdier. Alfred Uolomb, Princess Mary of Cambridge, Duchess of Bedford, Mons. E. Y. Teas, Reynolds Hole. Marguerite de St. Amand, William Warden. Antoine Ducher, Mad. Lachanne, Baroness Rothschild, Marie Finger, Louis Van Houtte, Mad. Eugene Verdier, Souvenir de Mons. Boll, Mareuhal Vaillant, Boildeau, Mad. Vidot, General Jacqueminot, Merveile de Lyon (new). Sultan of Zanzibar, Violette Bouyer (new), Duke of Wellington, Mdlle. Marie finger, Marchioness of Exeter, Marie Baumann, Duke of Edinburgh, La France, Dr. Sewell, Captain Christy, Fisher Holmes, Mad. Prosper Laugier, Mad. Isaac Perriere (new), Mdlle. Marie Cointet, Horace Vernet.

" Tea and Noisette Varieties: Ann Ollivier, Mareehal Niel, Marie Van Houtte, Souvenir d'un Ami, Niphetos, Souvenir d'Elise, Devoniensis, Mad. Willermoz, Rubens. Souvenir de la Malmaison, Comtesse de Nadaillac, Mad. Bravy, Jean Fernet, Catherine Mermet".