These were well exhibited by Messrs. Ivison, Gaines, and Lane, and constituted by no means an unimportant feature of the show. It may be interesting to know that the spotted white and rose-colored sorts sent by Mr. Ivison, and which were so much admired, were part of the same batch of seedlings raised at Sion from which the fine varieties Cliveanum, Perryanum, Sionense, and Duchess of Northumberland originated, and to which they bear considerable resemblance, one of them being more distinctly marked than Cliveanum, and another producing even finer trusses of flowers than that variety. The group contained a scarlet one, which appeared to be an improvement on alta-clerense in point of color. We understand that owing to the lateness of the present season, the whole of these fine hybrids have escaped the frosts, and are flowering out of doors quite uninjured at Sion. Mr. Gaines had aureum, perpu-reum, floribundun, magnificum, roseum majus, and maculatum album. Of these magnificum is a nice light kind, with compact heads of flowers, which are richly spotted in the upper petals with deep crimson. Messrs. Lane sent a large plant of Gibsoni alias forraosa, which, however, suffered much in the course of the day from the coldness of the wind.

They also showed a good yellow called Aurcum superbum; Delicatum, a pink sort, spotted in the upper petals with yellow; Primulinum elegans, a good yellow; Jenkinsoni, pink with orange spots; and Aureum.


Roses in pots were wonderfully fine, considering the unfavorable season we hare had for such plants. Both those from amateurs and nurserymen were extremely well grown and bloomed, and the proper colors of the flowers were well brought out We need not say, therefore, that they attracted much attention. In the class of private growers, Mr. Terby, gr. to Lady Puller of Youngsbury, Herts, was first; and A. Rowland, Esq., of Lewisham, second. The nurserymen who showed were Messrs. Lank, Paul, and Francis, and they were awarded in the order in which their names appear. Among the different varieties produced, none excelled the well known favorites, Charles Duval, Coupe d'Hebe, Blairii, Chenedole, Devoniensls, Kiphetos, Bougere, Augustine Mouchelet, Barone Prcvost, Mrs. Elliott, Aubernon, Duchess of Sutherland, Queen, Madame de St Joseph, Paul Perras, Souvenir de la Malmaison, and William Jesse; among sorts more recently brought into notice were the glorious Geant des Batailles, Caroline de Sausal, Souvenir d'un Ami, and Vicomtesse Decazes, Mr. Francis had some nice little plants in small pots; they were worked on the Manetii stock, which is found to answer well for that purpose.


Pelargoniums, on the whole, were hardly sufficiently forward. The collection to which the first prize was awarded, however, was an exception, for it was loaded with large and fine blooms, possessing the highest color, showing that with skill the difficulties of an adverse spring may be surmounted. The Gold Medal for the best twelve was awarded to Mr. Turner, of Slough, for Colonel of the Bluffs, Magnet Mochanna, Chieftan, Constance, Alonzo, Rosamond, Gulielma, Rowena, Virgin Queen, and Pride of the Isles; 2d, Mr. Dobson, of Isleworth, with Arethusa, Purpureum Rosa, Rosamond, Virgin Queen, Leader, Ambassador, Chloe, Vanguard, Harriet Leah, and Governor; 8d, Mr. Westwood; 4th, Mr. Gaines. In these two groups we remarked Flying Dutchman, First of May, Rubens Celia, Star, and Salamander".