At the autumn exhibition of this great society, the display of fruits was quite extraordinary. The committee say that visitors universally asserted "that it exceeded in numbers and varieties of fruits, as well as in beauty and perfection, every exhibition of the kind yet witnessed by them in any part of the world".

Mr. Cabot, the President of the society, exhibited 102 varieties of pears; Robert Man-kino, 167 varieties; Samuel Walker, 137; M. P. "Wilder, 260; Hovey &Co., 250; B. N. Frenoh, 160 varieties of pears, and 180 varieties of apples; Messrs. Winship, 90 varieties of pears, and 40 of apples; besides multitudes of smaller collections. The premium for the twelve best summer apples was awarded to Otis JOHNSON, for Early Bough; and the second to M. H. Simpson, for Bed Astracan. For the best winter apples, to Josiah Lovett, for "Cogswell;" and next to J. B. Moore, for Baldwin. For the best summer pears, to W. R. Austin, for Summer Francreal; next to S. Downer, jr., for Bloodgood. For best autumn pear, to J. Stiokney, for Urbaniste; next to J. II. Stetson, for Buerre d'Anjou. Best winter pear, H. Vandine, for Glout Morceau; second, J. Gordon, for Easter Beurre; third, J. Lovett, for Passe Colmar. Strawberries.-First, second, and third prizes were all awarded to Hocey's Seedling.