At the annual meeting of the Society, held on the 90th Hay, the following officers were elected, viz: -

President - Henry Little.

"Vice-President - Cyrus Gees.

Secretary - Allien W. Paine.

Cor. Secretary - I. D. Bartlett

Treasurer - Albert W. Paine.

Executive Committee - John S. Ayer, B. F. Nonrse, and Albert Noyes.

Committee en Fruits - B. F. Nourse, Albert Emerson, Albert Noyes, Waller Goodale. and J. W. Chapman.

On Ornamental Trees - I.D. Burtlett, G. K. Jewell, and J. S. Wheelwright.

On Vegetables - S. S. Sayward, Thos. Beacroft, J. W. Carr, E. French, and C. B. Abbot.

On Flowers - I. D. Bartlett, B. F. Nourse, and A. Noyes.

The Treasurer's report was offered and accepted, show ing funds in the treasury to the amount of 1190,03.

1. D. Bartlett was hivited to deliver the annual address at the next annual exhibition.

Voted, That the Society hold monthly exhibitions, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, at such times and places as they may appoint, in addition to the annual exhibition.

Voted, That the Executive Committee he authorised to solicit subscriptions for the erection of a suitable Hall for the use of the Society. Albert W. Paine, Sec'y.