A native of Saco, Maine, appears as hardy as a Norway Pine and appears to be in every way desirable. Fruit large, handsome, and of very good quality; tree a strong, sturdy, leafy-twigged grower. Good ale is good, but Goodale is better for the people of the Northwest.

MT Vernon - I have only had this one season. It resembles the Flemish Beauty very much in wood and leaf. It has all the signs of hardiness. Originated near Roxbury, Mass. In it I hope to find our best early winter pear.

The Goosberry Caterpillar

Some idea of the extent to which this pest has spread may be gathered from the fact, that Mr. Morris, the extensive market gardener of Isle-worth, has at the present moment, upwards of one hundred women daily employed in picking these caterpillars from the Gooseberry bushes. - lb.

Gooseberries And Currants

The Downing was the only one named among gooseberries, and of currants remarks were made mainly as to their value as a healthful fruit, to which the President added one of their profit, in that a neighbor of his had made from $800 to $1,000 per acre as an annual crop, and all grown under apple-trees.

Gooseberries With Tan-Bark

Dear Sir: You have said much about the benefits of covering strawberry beds with tan-bark. I have made an experiment with mulching gooeeberry beds with the same substance, and so far as one year's experience is worth anything, I am well satisfied with it. The great difficulty with the gooseberry here, seems to be with the heat and want of moisture. My bushes are planted in quarters 3 1/2 feet apart each way - trained to single stems. I have hitherto lost quite half the crop by mildew. Early last November, after pruning the plants and dressing the borders - digging in plenty of stable manure, I hauled several loads of tan with my team, and spread it, uniformly, all over the bed, 6 inches thick.

There it remained all winter, and still remains. The foliage of the bashes is more healthy than I ever saw it before - the fruit is almost entirely clear and very large and promising. If this is worth publishing, it is at your service. A. C. New-York, June 10,1852.

Gordon's Dwarf Fir (Abies Gordani Pumilqa

This is a new variety raised by M. Molet, nurseryman, of Plessis-Piquel, France, and forms a dwarf pyramidal shrub with numerous erect branches, covered with a smooth bark of a light green or slightly yellow color. The leaves are of a deep green on the upper surface, and are marked underneath with two glaucous bands. It forms a* very handsome miniature shrub, well suited for small lawns or gardens, while the leaves never turn brown under the sun, as those of the parent plant are liable to do. Another advantage which it possesses over the latter, is, that cutting from all the branches forms vertical leading shoots, as readily as if they were seedling, a property which belongs to hardly any other species or variety of Abies.- The Garden.

Gordon's Flowering Currant

Ribes Gordoniani - is one of the prettiest and most showy of our very early and hardy shrubs. Its blossoms have been beautiful with us this year. It should be annually pruned back as soon as it has done blooming, otherwise it will soon grow out of shape; and besides by annual cutting back, it grows more vigorously; and as its flowers are all on the wood of the previous year's growth, the bloom is consequently more abundant.