The Brothers Loughry, of Adams County, Ohio, raised the past season thirty-six hundred bushels of peaches, which brought them in the Cincinnati market an average of three dollars per bushel, or an aggregate of over $10,000. Deducting, the expense of gathering and marketing, the net product was $9,000. This crop was from an orchard of only ten acres, with the exception of about one-eighth of the amount from a second orchard just commencing to bear. Mr. L. states, that on their grounds the peach-crop has failed only four times in the past ten years. Such an instance of success is well worth recording in this season of general failure; and is calculated to inspire other fruit-growers with the hope that like good fortune may yet be theirs. He intends planting pears largely, with peaches, for market purposes,' believing, as we also do, that with a judicious selection of varieties, and proper culture, the pear-crop will be found reliable, and in the long run profitable as the peach. Mr. L. lately visited the Columbus Nursery, of Bateham Co., to engage fruit-trees to start his son on a farm in Pickaway county. - Exchange.