Sauce is sold under this name in Paris, but it is only white pepper crushed into small granulations, and made into a sauce piquante. The French eat oysters with white wine and "Mignonette Sauce".

The State Geologist of Missouri, suggests that the extensive " Barrens " of Kentucky and Tennessee may be rendered valuable for vineyards, and the numerous limestone caves become very useful as places for the storage of wine. He says it can be demonstrated that there are at least 20,000 acres in Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee, in which the vine will succeed as well as in France or Germany.

The Boston Cultivator says: "Desirable as pears, cherries and plums are, we can hardly count on very large and constant supplies of such fruit. Our climate or soil is very unfavorable to such growth, or they are invested with so many insects and diseases, and require so much care, that few farmers can devote sufficient attention to their culture. The apple must be our main dependence".

Pots in which seeds are planted for bedding out, etc, should be plunged in something to keep the outsides of the pots from getting too dry, and from being hot and cold alternately; the seeds thus require less water, and the less they are obliged to have the more healthy the plants will be.

Cocoa-Nut Fibre given off in the manufacture of mats and matting, has been found very useful as a mulch for many plants, and especially for orange trees; new roots are rapidly formed in this material. As we have no such manufacture in America, the next best thing to promote a healthy growth is spent hops from a brewery. Orange-trees injured by winter keeping are almost brought to life by the free use of spent hops over the roots in their boxes.

Many persons complain that they cannot succeed well with the Daphne Indica. Cut the flowers freely, but be careful to leave some foliage below the cut; for if no leaves are left, that branch does not push again, and then the shape of the plant is spoiled. The stems of the plant are very short, but bouquet-makers know well how to form them on wire long enough for their purpose.

An excellent way to celebrate May-day is that chosen by the young men of Dedham, Massachusetts, to set out fifty shade trees on the common of that town.