A quantity of Potato seed has lately been procured, by the Agricultural branch of the Patent Office, from Germany, with the view of experimenting in the United States with different varieties of this so important agricultural staple.

A curious fact, not generally known, connected with the production of Potatoes from seed balls it, that no two stems will possess precisely the same qualities, yet many of the tubers will appear so much alike that when mixed together they cannot be distinguished by the eye, though it msy happen that one variety will be four times as prolific as the other, or may be much better in other respects. The tubers raised from the seeds of the same ball are prodigiously diversified in regard to color, being pink, black, red, white, green, yellow, &c; and as to shape, are round nobbed and varied in all proportions; as to size, some of them being no larger the first year (ban Peas, while others exceed the eke of a pullet's egg; as to earliness, some of them completing their growth in July, while others will not put forth their blossoms till October; as to productiveness, some yield more than two hundred to one, while others will give only three or four-fold; as to spreading under the ground, some running out to a great distance, others growing quite near to the stem, some descending quite deep into the earth, while others will rise to the surface; as to quality, some will be tough and watery, some dry and mealy, some very pleasing to the taste, while others will not be palatable; as to the stems, some will carry a tingle rod, others an immense profusion of them, some being very luxurious, while others will be dwarfish.

In short, as is very remarkable, no sort of connection will be found to exist between any of the peculiarities of the two specimens. - Wathington Star.

Therehave been received at the Patent Office a quantity of the Cassabar Melon seeds, seven years old, procured from Persia by the United Stales Dragoman at Constantinople. These Melons, it will be recollected, are of a very sweet and delicious flavor, very wholesome and nutritions, and are so simple in their character that they may be eaten by invalids with impunity. Those who receive the seeds for cultivation, should bear in mind that if planted in the vicinity of any of the Melon, Pumpkin, Cucumber, or any of the gourd-bearing planus they are liable to be hybrid-ized or mixed, which will change the character of the seeds and destroy the purity of the variety; consequently they should be planted in an isolated position when influenced in the manner indicated above.