Owing to the exceeding hot and dry weather which was prevailing at the time of, and for ten days prior to, the exhibition, the contributions to this department were not as good as they would have been if the season had been more favorable. Although the contributors had much to contend against, it was one of the finest shows, particularly of Roses, ever held by the Society. Of the amateurs J. A. Eastman, Esq., contributed 66 varieties of Roses; A. Frost A Co., among the Nurserymen, 275 varieties of the rose; Ellwanger A Barry, 197 sorts; Samuel Moulson, 80 varieties; Wm. King, 132 varieties; J. J. Thomas, Macedon, 60 varieties.

Premiums Awarded To Amateurs

Pannes in basket, best display, Sarah A. Moulson, $3.


Best collection classed and named, J. A. Eastman, Esq., diploma.


12 varieties, in pots, finely trained on horizontal trellises, J. Salter, gardener to J. W. Bissell, $3.


Best collection correctly named, J. Salter, gar. to J. W. Bissell, $5.


7 varieties of seedlings, very fine, and some of them much better than the older sorts, Josiah. Salter, gar. to J. W. Bissell, diploma.

Table Boquets

Best pair, Lillie Greenough and Julia Miller, $3.

Best Floral Ornament

A. large pyramid of very fine flowers, to J. C. McNab, gar. to John Grekig, Esq., Canandaigua, $8. Second best to Miss Hooker, $2.

Miss Sarah A. Moulson, a beautiful mound of roses, $2.

Miss Adams exhibited two exquisite moss baskets, filled with roses, which were much admired.

Mr. Robert Hardy presented a beautiful basket ornamented with rosea.

Two floral ornaments were very creditable to the exhibitor, Miss McGarry.

Quite a novelty was placed upon the table by H. G. Warner, Esq., in the way of an Amaryllis, taken from its native soil by Mr. Warner, on the 3d of June, in the province of New Grenada.

Nurserymen. Green-House Plants

Best collection, A. Frost A Co., diploma; 2d do, Ellwan-ger A Rarry, $8.


Best two table, John Donnellan and nephews, $3; 2d do, A. Frost A Co., $2. Best two round hand, C. J. Ryan, $2; 2d do, Ellwanger A Barry, $1. Best two flat hand, A. Frost A Co., $2.


Best 25 varieties, Wm. King, $5; 2d do, A. Frost & Co., $3. Best collection, Ellwanger A Barry, diploma; 2d do, Samuel Moulson, $5. Best 18 new perpetual and hybrid perpet-uals, A. Frost A Co., $6.

Awarded John J. Thomas, for a fine display of roses, and other cut flowers, a diploma.

A very fine floral design three feet high, in the form of a vase, made of moss and choice selection of flowers, A. Frost A Co., a diploma. They also presented a bed, literally covered with roses, that attracted much attention for its novelty.

Wm. King also had in flower a Cactus, and a beautiful Amaryllis Johnsonii, of the former species.

Ellwanger A Barry had a plant of the variety Speciosissima, with beautiful crimson flowers.

Awarded a diploma to C. F. Van Dorn for a faithful representation of the Calla Ethiopica, and a painting of grapes, on canvass.