Of these, Keen's Seedling, Princess Alice Maud, British Queen, Old Pine, Comte de Paris, and Elton, are recommended as the best by Mr. Whiting: and Black Prince, Wilmot's Prince Arthur, Kitley's Goliali, and Myatt's Surprise, as being worth atrial.- Flo-rist, p. 9.

Strawberries #1

W., (Cleveland, O.) The best possible covering for strawberry beds is tan-bark spread evenly over the whole bed, just thick enough to nicely cover the plants. It does not matter whether it is new or old. If you cannot get this, use straw or stable litter.

Strawberries #2

B. Arnold. Your bed was planted on soil too much worn out. Make a new one at once, in a part of your garden where strawberries were never raised, and to make sure of success trench-in a large supply of stable manure, 18 inches below the surface. To succeed beeti the strawberry roots should be encouraged to go down deep in search of food. The best varieties for your purpose are Hovey's Seedling, Early Scarlet and Burr's New Pine. W. B., (Astoria, N. Y.) The best way of getting a good crop on your old bed, is to give it a good top dressing of poudrette immediately The Lodi works, N. Y., will supply you with a good article.

Strawberries #3

Beds of indifferent appearance at the opening of the spring, last season, after being watered four times with this solution, grew very luxuriantly, and bore a crop of remarkably fine fruit. This year I have repeated the experiment on half of every bed; both foliage and blossoms are as large again on the watered, as on the unwatered bed; and by way of comparison, I have watered some with plain water also - and find, though rather benefitted, (for the strawberry loves water,) they have none of the extra depth of verdure and luxuriance of those watered with the ammonia.