Rhode Island Sweet, Stowel's Evergreen, Hematell, Blore, Tuscarora, Early Burlington, Early Canada, Mandan.

The second premium for vegetable roots for cattle was gained by Mr. J. A. Perry, whose collection was also fine and good.

Fine specimens of Bkets were produced by several exhibitors. Mr. J. A. Perry was again the successful competitor, both for the long blood, and the turnep-rooted varieties, and he merited his success; whilst E. T. Jones, of New Brighton, Staten Island, obtained the premium for sugar beet, and Wm. Harsell, of Ravens-wood, Long Island, had that for mangel wurt-zell.

For the best table Carrots, Charles Williams, of Newark, N. J., was the winner, and J. A. Perry, for Parsneps. In Celery, R. L. Colt was first, Urwin Stewart, at the Naval Hospital, Brooklyn, second. Many fine Onions were on the tables; Mr. Petit gained the premium for white, and H. Skinner, of Orange county, N. J., for yellow and red. The premium for the best peck of seedling Potatoes was given to F. Hunt, Long Island; and that for the best peck for the table, to S.T Jones. In Pumpkinn, the premium for the largest was given to one weighing 125 lbs. exhibited by Abraham Stockholm, of Bushwick, Long Island, but a still larger arrived afterwards, too late for competition, for which a discretionary premium was awarded to J. Wilson, Bloomingdale. Ely Ferry, of Westchester county, had a premium for Crooked-necked Squash; and Dr. G. W. Cam-mann, for the largest squash. Mr. E. Stewart obtained the premium for White Turneps; A. Henderson for yellow, and R. L. Colt for Ruta Baga. We noticed also some finely grown tur-neps belonging to Haynes Lord Discretionary premiums were also awarded and well deserved by John W. Duryea, for 3 extra fine heads of cabbage, and for some Carolina potatoes, exhibited by Reuben B. Clark, of Washington Market, N. Y.

Everythig is now-a-days interesting that tends to improve our acquaintance with the potato; we therefore give a copy of a card, attached to a single potato, of good shape and appearance, that was exhibited, and which was as follows:

"One Peach Blow potato, weight 17 1/2 oz. grown upon a reclaimed meadow from sprouts, no part of the potato being planted. Crop estimated from 250 to 800 bushells per acre; all good size; this is one of the largest, but not the largest ; one weighed 1 1/2 lbs. but not so good form as this. C. W. Forbush, Worcester county, Mass. Exhibited by J. R. Pitkin, 208 Broad-way, N. Y., who saw the crop".

This Horticultural display was altogether a very gratifying sight, and the judges showed a liberal disposition in the amount of premiums awarded, well calculated to encourage exhibitors to exertion for the future countenance of the Institute.