(See Frontispiece).

Our Frontispiece this month is a very fine bunch of the Union Village Grape, from a specimen grown by R. S. Skeel, Esq., of Newburgh. This grape is a seedling of the Isabella, and was originated by the Shakers of Union Village. Mr. Longworth, we believe, first brought it to notice, and it has frequently been described. The vine is a vigorous grower, making handsome, short-jointed wood. The whole plant, indeed, wood, leaves, and fruit, are of unusual size. The bunches are the largest and most showy of all our native grapes, unless the Ontario should prove to be distinct and share this distinction with it. The bunch is compact, and often shouldered, and the berries well covered with bloom. It is sweeter and better than the Isabella in quality, and at least a week earlier. The vine, when young, does not in some places fully ripen its wood to the end, in consequence of its rampant growth, and may need protection; but generally we think it will prove hardy when the vine has attained a little age; certainly as hardy as the Isabella.

The Union Village Grape 160036