Messrs. Saxton, Barker, & Co. have in press a large 12mo volume, with this title. It details, in a plain and intelligible manner, those operations most essential to the success of the young farmer, giving full instructions for the erection of buildings, fences, gates. etc. An important feature is the "Farmer's Workshop," with ample directions for the selection, use, and care of implements, all of them much neglected subjects. The work will be abundantly illustrated. The author is Mr. 8. E. Todd, one of our most intelligent and successful farmers, who understands what he is about. We shall notice the book more fully hereafter.

In Mr. Eaton's article on Grape-Houses, p. 173. line 17 from bottom, a sentence should begin with the words, "In windy weather" etc, and end with the word "control." On p. 171, line 6 from top, "out" should be "cut".

The Young Farmer's Manual #1

This work, announced a short time since, has just been published in good style by Saxton, Barker, & Co. It is devoted chiefly to the mechanical part of farming, such as fencing, building, plowing, selecting and using tools, draining, etc, and will be followed by another mainly devoted to the culture of crops, etc. It is a work of great value to the farmer, by an earnest, intelligent, and practical man. The illustrations are numerous, and form an important feature of the work. The author, S. Edwards Todd, is well known as one of our most successful agriculturists. The price of the work is $1 25.