There is room for yet another; with due respect to the honorable name and object of the American Pomological Society, likewise to the officers of the temporarily organized Centennial Horticultural Society, we speak distinctly in full sympathy with the majority of our eminent horticulturists, the bill is not filled yet.

We want and must have a National Horticultural Society, true to its name; organized, not for honor or a name; but to work, and discuss and spread abroad, a better and more thorough knowledge concerning plants, ornamental trees, shrubs, flowers, greenhouse plants, gardening and landscape architecture, and lawn decorations.

We know such a society would be popularly welcomed, would receive hearty support, enlist the good feeling of the press, and in no way conflict with the honorable objects or purposes of the old societies named above. It might hold its meetings once in two years, those years in which the American Pomological Society does not hold its sessions; and we believe it would call in the attendance of hundreds of gentlemen, florists and gardeners, who now are in no way connected with The American Pomological Society, which seems to be wholly devoted to fruit.

The National Horticultural Society would have complete possession of a field to itself. And as our people need now more practical information upon lawn and garden planting, it will be doing a work of necessity and sympathetic appreciation. Who seconds ?