The following query and answer, cut from the London Cottage Gardener, applies with equal force to this country: -

Would you hare the kindness to inform me, through your' Answers to Correspondents,' whether a Climbing Rose or Wistaria would do for a bamboo pole?' Perhaps you would guide me as to the most suitable, and as to the time of planting and soil adapted for them f T. J. Watson .

[The answer to this question depends, first, on what part of this kingdom the bamboo pole is to be set up. Anywhere in England north of London, we would not recommend a pillar Wistaria. Secondly, what is the inquirer's taste? Which plant does he desire to cultivate? If this bamboo pole is to be set up in the plains of Devon, or some such-like plain, where a pillar Wistaria would grow and bloom as well as a pillar lose, which of the two would you prefer? We would select the Wistaria, and prepare a border for ft as we would for a grape-vine, in every particular; we would travel one thousand miles to find a Wistaria worth planting. It would need to hate been growing for the last three years in a pot, and the last season's growth, to be over four feet. Ninety-nine Wistarias out of a hundred, if pinched in pots, are not worth a groat the dozen. It seldom happens that a Wistaria under 5s. 6d. is worth having as a gift. The fact is, people do not yet understand the treatment of this tree. Our pillar Wistaria should be pruned exactly like a pear pyramid.].