A Edmond Bossieu

Color white, beautifully veined with lilac; a remarkably free bloomer, and fine habit.

A Edoward Otto

Bright rose; center white, with lilac veins (very fine).

Effect Of Coal Gas On Plants

A small landholder on the continent, says the Moniteur Harticole Beige, not haying a conservatory at his disposal, wintered his plants in a cellar, as is often done. Here, with a little attention, he succeeded in keeping them in tolerably good condition, when an escape of gas occurred from a defective pipe, which was unnoticed for some time. Its effect on the plants was most disastrous, causing the leaves to fall even before they had time to turn yellow. The foliage of Pittosporum in particular suffered, being completely destroyed in about twenty-four hours from the first escape of the gas.

Effect* Of Gam On Plants

At a meeting of the Imperial Academy of Sciences at Vienna, Professor Bohm described experiments proving the injurious action of gas on plants. The plants of fuchsias and salvias, as examples, were put in pots, gas was constantly conducted to the roots, and seven died in four months. It was shown that the gas does not, in the first instance, kill the plants, but that it poisons the ground.

Effects Of Gas In Plants

Herr Boehm, of Vienna, has been experimenting on the influence of coal gas on the roots of plants. The evil effect has generally been attributed to the gas which leaks from the pipes, or the coal tar which oozes from the joints of the pipes, impregnating the soil, and rendering it black and fetid. According to M. Boehm, the latter is the true cause, and- the remedy suggested is to enclose the gas pipe in a second tube, open at the end, so that a current of air may circulate around the gas main.

Effects Of The Winter In Oxeida County, N. T

Fruit is entirely cut off here, excepting Apples, and full one-half of those are killed. I could not find one Pear blossom-bud alive. Grape vines in vinery are killed to the ground. They were covered with newspapers tied at least six double, and eighteen inches of straw beside. The wood of the vines was well ripened. On the 6th of February, the lowest I saw the thermometer was 28° below zero, at 7 A M.; early in the morning it may have been lower. M. - Trenton Falls, N. Y.


A fine variety for growing in masses; a fine strong grower; the colors of the flowers are a beautiful combination of light salmon, carmine, and orange.


Statistical returns show that the supply of eggs to England from France last year reached 200 ,000,000.

The Egyptian Beet

A writer in The Prairie Farmer says: - We planted on a southern border, in soil of second year from virgin sod ; planted March 3d; May 1st were large enough for the table ; by the last of May had fully attained maturity. The top is small; the body is round and smooth ; the tap root long, and without fibrous roots. The flesh is juicy, highly colored, being a very dark red, and is tender and crisp. It will no doubt prove one of the very best for early market use, being two weeks earlier than the Early Bassano, but in productiveness it is inferior. In May or June the Egyptian will yield favorably with others, but if allowed to stand until July or August, the Early Bassano, or blood turnip, will double the yield in bushels.