A Rose-Garden Under Glass

The most luxuriant growth of Roses we have seen in a long time, was in the houses of Messrs. Ryan & Go., where the plants are set out in borders as in the garden. Hybrid Perpetuals and Bourbons are growing up into miniature trees, and producing immense olusters of large flowers - so different from the plants cramped up in pots, as to seem not to belong to the same family. "Whoever would enjoy a Rose-garden In April, in our northern climate, should take a hint from this. A Rose-house of this kind might be so constructed as to require little, if any, artificial heat during winter.


Mr. Henderson says that the kinds mostly grown in green-houses, are "Bon Silent (carmine purple), and Saffrano (orange yellow). The Saffrano is popularly known as the Tea Rose, the Marechal Niel (golden yellow), and the Lamarque (white) are grown, but not so extensively as the Tea varieties, as they require greater age before they begin to flower, and being climbers, flower best when trained to trellis work.

Roses - 1858. Hybrid Perpiluals. Abbe Feytell

Deep rose, shaded with lilac; globular, very large, and full.

Roses And Hail-Stobmb

A friend near Chicago writes us thus: "Really, I have never seen such a show of roses, in Illinois, as there is this year. My bushes were nearly, if not quite, covered with snow during all the severity of the winter, and were very little killed; in fact, the shortening-in that they received from the frost seems to have caused an excess of flower buds to put forth. I was afraid the hail-storm of the 6th of June! would have done much damage, but the strength of the storm was over and near the lake. I have never seen such large hail-stones as fell in the city-; I saw them an inch and a half in diameter - larger than in the Southern Ocean, when we used to say that a volcano had broken out in an iceberg!"

The Rostiezer

This tree is a firm grower and abundant bearer. Its habits of growth are peculiar, if left to itself. The branches need to be checked in their spreading propensities.

The Little Seckel

The Little Seckel has done well here. It is of slow growth, but stands firm, and this year the trees have given an unusually fine crop. It makes one of the smallest of dwarfs, and may be safely set six feet apart.

Louise Sonne

Louise Sonne comes early into bearing, grows strong, and bears well and uniformly. Indeed, the fruit usually needs thinning to give it size and prevent exhaustion in the tree.

Rottee. Growth Of Western Towns

The village of La Crosse, Wis., the termiuus of the La Crosse and Milwaukie Railroad, was laid out only four years ago, and is now said to contain two thousand houses. It supports a newspaper, and enjoys the frequent visits of some thirty different steamboats.


* The writer was invited to take tea with a gentleman and his family, with a few friends of both sexes. After the first cup of tea was handed around, the host suddenly recollected that he had forgotten to take the gentlemen to the side-board, and made profuse apologies, and then added: "It is not too late yet." On our declining, he first offered to each lady, then to each of the other gentlemen, who all declined. Then he added: "This will never do. How could I be so negligent of hospitality?"So, taking the bottle in his hand, he came up and poured a quantity into my tea-cup, saying, "I am told that whisky and tea go very well together." The same idea may prevail as to wine.

Analysis of Scuppernong grape juice by Dr. ft T. Jackson: Grape sugar, 9.8 per cent.; tartaric acid, 1.7 per cent.