Garden Wheelbarrow

This is one of the tools. But, when you get it, be careful that it is not a gimcrack affair, to be made over again by your own village blacksmith the first time you use it. One-half of these garden tools, well enough in the invention, are not worth taking home, from the flimsy, dishonest way in which they are put together. Too much like Pindar's razors I

Gardener's Farmer's Dictionary

A Vocabulary of the Technical Terms recently introduced into Agriculture and Horticulture from various Sciences, and also a Compendium of Practical Farming: the latter from the Works of the Rev. W. M. Rham, LoNdon, Low and Youatt, and the most eminent American Authors. With numerous Illustrations. 12mo, Muslin, $1 50; Sheep, extra,..... 75.

Gardeners (Page 179)

A most sensible observer is Mr. Robert Weston. I want no man about me as a designer in ground architecture, who is not fit to be my companion, either in the parlor or at the table. A man of mind and cultivation he must be, to embrace all those requisites of taste and study which can accomplish him in the modelling and laying out of grounds, and placing of trees and shrubs. The sooner we Americans set about giving the right sort of encouragement to men of this profession, the sooner we shall relieve ourselves of the shoals of foreign charlatans, who throw themselves upon our credulity, and impose upon our ignorance.

The Gardeners Magazine

We have not seen this journal since the notice you refer to. You had better address the publisher, Mr. W. s King, again. It is possible that your letters and remittances have miscarried.

Gardeners' Society Of Chicago

At an adjourned meeting of this Society it was determined to hold a Floral Fair at the Mechanics' Institute Hall, on Wednesday, the 18th of May; and if practicable, every month. The Committee of Arrangements consists of A. T. Williams, Dr. Bonard, J. C. Ure, Layton, and Bridges.

Gardeners Society Of Chicago 140056

Gardenia Citriodora

A fine representation of this profuse-blooming fragrant warm greenhouse shrub is given in the Illustrated Bouquet.

Gardenia Radicans Fol Variegatus

A beautiful little green-house shrub, with long narrow leaves edged with white, and bearing the well-known fragrant flowers of this species. The plant has been previously exhibited before the Committee by Messrs. Veitch & Son.

Daphne Variegata

Daphne Variegata, with the leaves narrowly edged with white. It was distinct from the plants already in cultivation, but was not sufficiently developed.

Elasgnus Japonicus Variegatus

Elasgnus Japonicus Variegatus had the leaves neatly edged with cream-color.

Gardenia Radicans, Var. Major

A most desirable variety of a highly popular plant It is dis-tingushed by its more robust growth, its more oval and less lanceolate deep green leaves, and its larger blossoms, which, like the parent, are pure white and fragrant. A garden variety.