Gaultheria Discolor

A small hardy Ericaceous shrub, with obovate-lanceolate leaves, longitudinally ribbed and silvery beneath, and short axillary racemes of white pitcher-shaped flowers, with small pink lobes. Bhotan.

Gazania Splendens

The Cottage Gardener says: "Ten thousand cuttings of one kind struck in a nursery on speculation are a sure sign that the kind must be really, practically, and substantially, a good plant, for which there is never any lack of customers. Let a plant be good, and it is sure of a sale; a bedding plant more sure and certain than all the rest. Well, then, Gazania splendensis sure to go to the ends of the earth; and if it could travel with the sun the whole distance, it would never shut its eyes the whole time; but it must have sunlight to keep it awake".

Of Spergula it adds: "The new grass, spergula, is all over our borders, and fields are laid down with it next the pond where they get the water from, and there is no doubt or hesitation about the thing answering to the very letter. On light soil it wants the roller often, but on solid clay hardly ever; but the more it is rolled the better it grows".

General Bern

Fine bright scarlet; flower very large and full; one of the very best of the high-colored varieties.

General Jacqueminot

Rich fiery crimson; abundant bloomer. One of the best for bouquets, but casts its petals too soon for a garden bloomer.

The General Mcclellan Petunia

Mr. Cadness, of Flushing, has named one of his seedling Petunias after this talented chief. It is a large, bold, double flower of great substance, and handsomely mottled. It is the best thing of the kind that we have yet seen.

General Remarks

This is a season when many are stocking their vegetable, fruit, and flower-gardens; a little advice may not be out of place. Be careful, then, of your purchases; buy nothing that is second-rate, and do not hunt after bargains at auction stores. The best of everything takes up no more room than the worst. Deal with respectable established nurserymen and seedsmen, men who have reputations to preserve. Make out your lists beforehand, and, if you cannot trust your own judgment, get the advice of some experienced friend on whom you can rely. By doing so you will save your ground, your time, your money, and your temper.

General Summer Crop

At the beginning of April, have in readiness a well-dug or ploughed, and enriched, openly situated piece of land; plant out two feet apart, and, if the weather be at all dry, give a quart of water to each plant. This will settle the soil around the roots, and should be always practised, excepting during rain. When the plants begin to grow freely, a spading or deep hoeing between the rows is of great service, and more than repays the extra labor. When the heads are half grown, the leaves may be broken across the midrib, and the tops curved over, which will obstruct the light, and cause the flower to be pure white and better flavored.

General Washington

Brilliant rosy carmine, approaching to scarlet; very large and fine form; free bloomer.