Growing Crunberries

A subscriber having asked us what were the cost and profits of Cranberry culture!

We answer him as follows: 1. A good cranberry marsh must be made out of boggy plenty land; sand must be carted upon it to the deptb of six inches, and then the bed must also be so situated that a stream of running fresh water may be turned upon it at proper times to flood them entire, to prevent attach of insects or frosts, and be as quickly shut off and drained. 2. The lowest cost per acre is 8300 for a bed well prepared. From this upward to $600 and $1,000per were have often been expended. 8. The yield in bushes increases gradually, from twenty bushels the first year, up to 100 or more in the fifth year. Average price of ens-83 per busel to the producer. It requires three years' time to get a good bed well planted and in producing condition, and the income is from $60 to $200 per were for three years after that; after the sixth year, $300 to $600 per acre.

Growing Perennial Phloxes

The Agriculturist recommends flower lovers to observe one precaution, "not to have them too crowded" as they will mildew, and by the time the flowers are ready to open, the foliage becomes unsightly.

Fern House At Hillfield.

Fern House At Hillfield.

Growing Perennial Phloxes 280068

Growth Of A Rose Slip

A rose slip one foot long, planted in Los Angelos, Cal., in 1872, had made in 1873, one year from planting, in the aggregate, a growth of fifty feet.

Guano Convention

There is to be a guano convention at Washington on the 10th of June, to protest against the Peruvian monopolies. The farmers are also determined to endeavor to have an agricultural department of the general government, which surely is just and proper.

Guano For Strawberries

The Observer says: "Let the guano be put into an old barrel, with some stable manure, then add water sufficient to leach out the soluble elements of fertility, which should be applied with a watering-pot. It will produce an abundant crop of berries".

Guano Liquid Manure

Ten gallons of water will readily dissolve, or keep suspended in a state of minute division, about 50 lbs. weight of guano. When applied to plants, not more than five ounces should be added to that quantity of water. If it is made stronger, it injures or kills the plants to which it is applied.

Sheep'8-dung, if employed for making liquid manure, should be a peek to thirty gallons.

Sulphate of Ammonia, and any other salt of ammonia, must not be used more than a quarter of an ounce to each gallon. The rule applicable to all these liquid manures is - Owe it weak and often.

THE Pennsylvania State Fair, will take place at Philadelphia the last four days of September. The list of premiums is very extensive, and wo predict for this fair the most eminent success, embracing as it does in the programme the greatest variety of interests, judlciously set forth.