How To Cure Troublesome Birds In Cherry Time

It is recommended by experienced gardeners, that if a couple of trees of the black mulberry are planted close to the sherry trees, or among them, the birds will leave the cherries and devote their undivided attention to the mulberries.

We have found it almost impossible to keep the birds away unless we plant and leave something for their benefit as well as our own.

How To Destroy Bed Ants &Nbsp

Naptha is mentioned as being a sure remedy; try it.

How To Europe And Home

Horticulture sighs and misses some of her best sons who have spent the summer in a pleasure trip to the "old country." John J. Smith, Josiah Hoopes, P. T. Quinn and various others. It is really quite funny to behold them going on an excursion one season to the West, and the next year taking a long leap to the East.

How To Friends And Co-Workers

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How To Get Tender Horse-Radish

An English gardener says: "It may not be generally known that if leaves or litter be placed on the tops of horse-radish crowns, two feet or so thick, the plants grow through them in the course of the summer, making small white roots the thickness of one's finger, which are as tender as spring radishes, and much to be preferred to the tough, stringy stuff usually supplied with our roast beef."

How To Have Apple Every Year

A correspondent of the New York Tribune, tells three ways of having apples every year. We give them for what they are worth, although we do not consider them infallible -No. 1 is certainly not to be depended upon - and No. 3 is to be demonstrated before we believe:

1. Take scions from a tree in 1873 and put them into a good thrifty tree, and do the same in 1874, and you will get fruit in alternate years.

2. If you cut off the thrifty trees the growth of 1873 in the last of June, leaving three or four buds that would como out in 1874, you would force out the next year's buds and gain one year.

3. If you remove all the blossoms on one-half of your trees in the bearing year you will have fruit on that half the odd years. These things I have done successfully. I have now in bearing the Victory apple of the odd year produced in this way; next year the scions of the last year will bear in the regular order.

How To Increase The Size Of Fruits

Some of Professor Dubreuil's suggestions seem to be of considerable value, where one has not too many specimens to operate upon, and I intend trying some of them another season. With regard to ringing the branches, I am a little sceptical, having practised it on several of my grape-vines this summer, and in only one instance, with any apparent advantage. One bunch of Black Hamburgh showed a marked improvement in size of berry and time of ripening, but why the other vines that were operated upon at the same time failed to do so, I do not understand.