How To Kalon

Does very well with us; a large, fine grape, but not high flavored.

How To Keep Bugs From Vines

I have tried ashes, plaster, lime, road dust and tobacco juice, with some success, but a spoiled clam, the cleanings of a wool carding machine, or a lock of wool soaked in fresh oil, placed near the root of the vine, I never knew fail - these also promote the growth of the vine. The bugs are attracted by the smell of the vine, but do not like tainted fish. Phineas Pratt. Deep River, Ct.

How To Lift A Heliotrope

With a long-bladed knife cut the soil around the plant - cut deeply and smoothly; water freely. Next day repeat this operation. After sun down, on the third day, carefully lift the plant and place in the pot. Cut the soil near the size of the pot required. Keep the plant in perfect shade for four or five days; keep moist.

How To Make Catchup

For this purpose, the Mushrooms ought to be fully, or a trifle over-grown. If quite black, none the worse. Put them in an earthen vessel, and cover with a solution of salt and water; leave them covered up for two days, and then press them until all the juice is extracted; boil the liquor gently for an hour, and add any spice, to please. Sometimes, when the boiling has been insufficient, the catchup will not keep, which renders it necessary to be particular; fill into bottles, and cork up tight. If properly done, it will be good for many years.

[This article, from the pen of Mr. Chorlton, contains the best and most practicable modes of growing the mushroom, and supersedes the necessity of consulting any other treatise. We are constantly struck, as Mr. Chorlton proceeds, with the value of his articles on vegetables, and are entirely convinced that they would do well to be collected into a separate volume as a vade-mecum for gardeners and others. - Ed.]

How To Make Grafting Wax

Grafting wax is useful in pruning to cover wounds, and hence it is useful to have on hand, even when not expecting to graft. The proportions of ingredients (tallow, beeswax and rosin), are one, two and four in the order named, though the London Garden says that when beeswax is very expensive one-third less will do. Stir well when made, and keep in a cool place. We will add - to keep it from sticking to the hands and fingers when mixing or applying it, keep them well greased; if you do not, it will stick closer than a brother.

How To Mass A Fernery Aquarium

Procure two propagating bell-glasses, the one ten inches,, and the other nine inches in diameter. Invert the larger on a stand of turned wood or a saucer of sand. Gut three pieces of sine of an $ shape, and hang them over the edge of the glass, the bottom of which must be covered to a depth of two inches with well-washed river sand. Fill with water, and introduce the weeds and fish.

A thin flower-glass standing in the sand forms a support for a saucer of Ferns. Cover with the smaller bell-glass, its edges resting in the zinc supports. A very amusing and instructive ornament is thus completed at a. cost of five shillings.