We have received a sample of Grafting-Wax from F. Trowbridge & Co., New Haven. Conn. It is a great convenience to have ready made for use a good article of this kind, one that can be readily and neatly applied. This seems to be just such an article, and we mean to give it a trial. It may be had of Saxton, Barker, &, Co., No. 25 Park Row, at 40 cents per pound.


Have never seen it fruited, but among Mr. Tatnall's collection it is one of the best growers, perfectly hardy.

Grammatoearpus Volubilis

A slender half hardy climber of the Loasa family, having opposite bipinnatifid leaves and curiously formed yellow flowers from the forkings of the stem. It is sometimes known as Scyphanthus elegans.

Granite Dust A Fertiliser

A correspondent of the Washington Intelligencer says: "While examining the granite, quarries at Northbridge, Mass., a few days since, I had a conversation with the workmen who were dressing out the stone, in reference to the dust that they were rapping off with a flat piece of board from the face of the stone they were hammering. The dust is reduced in the hammering of the stone to an impalpable powder, and will float in the air. I said to them that it would be well to try the vegetating powers of this granite dust in a hill of corn. They replied that it had been used in gardens and on grass lands with great success, and that it was equal to the best manure. The granite rocks may be ground to an impalpable powder and used as a fertilizer. Feldspar, a component of granite, yields potash, and may therefore be supposed to possess extraordinary fertilizing power".

Grape Buds

"Some grapevines, covered with an inch or two of soil as winter protection, when uncovered were found decayed ; they had evidently swelled by the warmth of the soil, and so were easily affected. Mem.: After this I shall see to uncovering my vines as soon as possible in the spring; and then let them lie on the ground, not in it".

Farther on in my book I find, as connected with grapes: " Some vines pruned in March bled badly, and many of the last buds failed." Query: Was it the bleeding; the loss of the crude sap, or the effect of atmosphere acting through the sap-vessels?

The Grape Crop About Cincinnati

Prospects for a splendid grope crop are brilliant. Having escaped the biting frost of June 5th, we are inclined to think the grape safe from all other evils. Should expectations be justified, this year's product will amply compensate for last year's failure. Vintners estimate the superficial area devoted to vineyards, in this county, at upwards of 2,000 acres, and some are sanguine that the average product will be 400 gallons of wine to the acre, or an aggregate of 800,000 gallons, (last year it was but 17,500). At an average of $1 25 per gallon for the new wine, the crop would be worth $1,200,000. If the quality is superior, the value will be greatly increased, but $1 25 per gallon is the usual average. - Ohio Cultivator.