The Ohio Cultivator

Is a monthly publication of thirty-two pages octavo, with printed cover, made up of the best practical articles from Field Notes.

Ohio Everbearing

Bagleys Everbearing. Were passed over. Several persons condemned all everbearing raspberries. Mr. Barry said he had proved two good French kinds: Belle de Fontaine and Merveille (du Quatre Saisons) of four Seasons. Hopes to see everbearing raspberries as plenty as perpetual roses.

Ohio Field Notes

We learn from the last issue of this welcome weekly that it has been merged in the Ohio Farmer, under which name it will hereafter be published, Mr. Harris still continuing at its head, which is only saying that it will he a spirited and able journal. Brother Harris, we wish you a jolly good time, and; a very great measure of success.

Ohio Horticultural Society

The winter meeting of this society was the best ever held, the display of fruits occupying a table over 200 feet long. Dr. J. A. Warder, the president, exhibited 121 varieties of apples, most of them the produce of his own experimental orchard. The following items show the magnitude of fruit culture in the State:

Number of acres of orchards in the State.....


Number of bushels of pears, yielded in 1872.......


Number of bushels of peaches, yielded in 1871......


Ohio Mew Looking Westward

The Hon. James Mathews, Coshoeton, Ohio, removes in the spring to Knoxville, Marion county, Iowa. M. L. Sullivant, Esq., the great land proprietor of Columbus, has purchased upwards of sixty thousand acres of land in Illinois, mostly prairie, and is setting about hedging it and planting timber trees for shelter and fencing. Ex-Governor Bebb has settled on an extensive tract of fine land in Winnebago county, Illinois; and he and his sons are at work vigorously improving it. Messrs. STUR-ges and Bigelow, bankers, of Zanesville, have purchased, and are now improving, a tract of about one hundred thousand acres, we believe in Illinois, some twenty or thirty miles south of Chicago. These are all men of taste, and great energy, and will render important service in converting the vast prairies of Illinois into fruitful farms and gardens. Success to them, and to all like them.

Ohio State Fair

Every arrangement seems to be completed for the Ohio State Fair, to be held at Columbus on the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st of September next, and great enthusiasm exists upon the subject. The premiums are most liberal.

The Pittsburg Premiums announced by the Horticultural Society are liberal and extensive. They make a very large handbill.

The Ohio State Horticultural Society's Report, 1870

Contains 78 pages, with Reports of the Summer Meeting of the Society at Berlin and Vermillion; Fruits at the Ohio State Fair in Springfield; Annual Meeting of the Society at Urbana. Among incidental topics of interest is a paper on " Experiments in Clovering Vineyards," by Chas. B, Summers, of Vermillion; "Aesthetic Horticulture," by F. R. Elliott; "The Farmer's Garden," "The Vine and its Culture," by G. W. Campbell; "Ornamental Shrubs;" "Value of Fruit Products of Ohio." The officers are: President, Dr. J. A. Warder, Cincinnati, 0.; Vice-President, G. W. Campbell, Delaware, 0.; Secretary, M. B. Batcham, Painesville, O.; Treasurer, Dr. J. W. Dunham, Collamer, 0.