Osmanthus Aquifolius Variegatus Nanus

A nice-looking Oleaceous shrub, with neat flat, Holly-like, sharply-toothed or sinuately-spinose leaves, margined and marbled with creamy white. The leaves were small, and the plant of dwarf, twiggy growth. It was awarded a First-class Certificate. There was in the collection an Osmathus aquifolius variegatus of larger growth, and with larger and broader leaves, scarcely less effective; and also, the typical green-leaved form of the species.

Otto Of Roses

The Attar, or Otto of Roses, most precious of all perfumes, is made almost entirely among the Balkan mountains. There are at least one hundred and fifty places where its preparation is carried on, the most important of all being Kizanlick. The roses are planted in rows, like vines. The flowers are gathered in May, and with the green calyx leaves attached, are subject to distillation. Five thousand pounds of roses yield one pound of oil.

Our Binder

In noticing our " artists" last month, we meant to have alluded also to our binder, who deserves a good word at our hands. He helped us very materially last month. Besides being one of the best of binders, he is always prompt, quick, and willing. We should be sorry to part with Mr. Brackett.

Our Day's Ride

We have been unable to continue this for want of room. We have yet to finish Fishkill and Newburgh; and then take .the reader a pleasant trip over the Raritan and Delaware Bay Railroad down to Tom's River, where Cranberries grow wild and Oysters are sold at fifty cents a bushel.

Our Exchanges

We had taken occasion of the new year to say a friendly word of our "exchanges;", but what we intended as a "free-will offering" has been turned into an "offering of fire " We shall endeavor to find time to do it over again next month.

Our Fashion Plates

Our long experience gives us greater advantages than are possessed by others. We give in the course of one year at least Sixty Full Figure Fashions, which is thirty six more then any other magazine gives; and they are really the fashions, which others are not. We challenge contradiction when we state that the fashions of other magazines have never been seen in the streets of Philadelphia or New York, or in the drawing-rooms of either place. Godey's are the only reliable fashions.

Our Loading Varieties Of Peaches

The following are the leading varieties of peaches, as sold in our fruit markets. Among the most popular, and bringing the highest prices, is the Reeve's Favorite, a very large and beautiful peach.

Our Native Forest Trees

The attention that is now paid to the subject of our native forest trees warrants the propriety of keeping before the public the importance of Michaux & Nuttal's Sylva of North American Trees. The work has been several times noticed in this journal, but it may not be amiss to insert the following, which we clip from a Cleveland paper, from the pen of that distinguished naturalist, Dr. Kirtland :

Our Pears

L. Van Houtte, of Ghent, Belgium, announces a new penological volume, entitled "Nos Poires." It is edited in two languages, French and English, and gives colored plates of fifty varieties, with engravings of about forty more; probably selecting the very best of all that are grown.