Salad Sauce

The sauces or mixtures in use. says the " Gardeners' Chronicle," "are either detestable or indigestible. Stuff, sold under the name of salad cream, is both, whatever the dura ilia messorum or their masters may say to the contrary. Mayonnaise sauce is the thing. Make it thus. Take the yolks of two new laid eggs; throw away the whites. Add to the yolks a dust of cayenne pepper, and a teaspoonful of fine salad oil. Rub the mixture with a spoon until it is perfectly smooth; add another spoonful of oil and again rub the mixture down till it is smooth, and thus proceed until one-third of a pint of oil has been used. Then, and not before, add a tablespoonful of water, mixing it well with the spoon as before. Finally dissolve in three tablespoonfuls of vinegar a little sugar and a little salt. Bray them once more till the mixture is smooth, and you have a salad sauce fit for a queen. But if your oil is not quite sweet and good, all your trouble will have been thrown away.

Sale Of Mr.loddige's Orchids

The first portion of this unequalled collection of Orchids took place on the 15th and 16th. The collection comprises two thousand specimens, and these represent upwards of twelve hundred species. On the above occasion, there were 280 lots, and Mr. J C. Stevens, the auctioneer selected to distribute them, obtained for them 717, but, as only about 260 lots were sold, they averaged but little less than 3 per lot. We have only space to mention such as realized the highest prices. Oncidium Lan-ceanum, 9. Dendrobium Farmeri, 8 5s. D. densiflorum, 8. AErides Larpenteae, 9. V. teres, 10. Oncidium purpuratum (new), 8. Vanda suavis, 10 10s. AEridis odoratum maximum, 9 10s. AE. quinguevulnerum, 10. Coeolyne pandurata, 11. AErides nobile, 21. AE. Sekroderii, 19 19s. Saccoiabium amptdacium, 15; and Vanda Batemanii, 43 1s. - Cottage Gardener.

Sale Of Orchitis

At a recent sale of new and rare orchids at J. C. Stevens', in London, Oncidium Zebrinum sold for $7; Odontoglossum HalIii for $17.50; Oncidium amulum and superbiens, each $17.50; Odontoglossum coronarium $10. Of the tree ferns, the highest price was $18, for a Cya-thia dealbata, having a trunk two feet nine inches high. At a later sale, Mr. Stevens realized, from 500 lots of orchids, $3,500. Dendrobium Jasnerianum sold at from $4 to $10 per lot; Caelogyne (Pleione) Reichenba-chiana from $6 to $11; Saccolabium Blumei majus a strong plant, $10.50; two of Odontoglossum Roezlii $25, and Saccolabium prae-morsum for $13.

Salidago, (Golden Rod.)

It will not be worth while to enumerate the different species of this genus, yet we will not pass it by in silence; for by the abundance of its rich yellow flowers, seen in every hedge row, it adds much to the beauties of summer and autumn.

Gnaphalam polycephalum and margaritaceum, (Life Everlasting.) These are also very common, but that does not detract from the honey-like fragrance of the first, or the beau

Aster. This is so numerous a family, that during autumn scarcely any locality or soil is without its representative. Its colors are equally varied, exhibiting almost every color except yellow. As they are all very hardy, and bear cultivation well, many of them may worthily occupy some vacant corner, even in a small garden. They remain bright and beautiful, after frosts of considerable severity.