Spiraea Grandiflora. Large Flowered Spirea

Nat. order Rosaceae. - Icosandria Pantagnia.

This remarkable plant was sent by Mr. Fortune under the name of Amelanehier Racemosa, from the North of China; and it is certain that its conspicuous, large flowers cannot fail to recommend it as a very desirable, ornamental, and shrubbery plant The habit and foliage are that of a an Amelaneheir; but the structure of the flowers point to the Genus Spiraea. The calyx-tube is remarkable in form, much contracted below, then suddenly at the narrow faux expanded and recurved, and the whole lined with a fleshy disc, at the end of which the fifteen stamens are inserted in threes. The species is extremely different from any hitherto described. - Curtis's Botanical Magazine, [This plant was slightly noticed in a former number. - Ed].

Spiraea Grandiflora 50087

Spiraea Palmata

This increases in beauty and usefulness, says The Gardener's Chronicle, as we become better acquainted with it. In the open border it is grandly effective, and should be in every collection of perennials.

Spiranthus Tortilis And Gracilia, (Lady's Tresses.)

In the same soil, we shall find the upright, slender stems of these species, surrounded in spiral rows by their white waxen flowers. To beauty of appearance they add a delightful fragrance.

Spirasa Callosa Alba

This is quite a distinct variety of the old spiraea callosa. The flowers are pure white, and the plant is of a very dwarf habit. It blooms quite freely, and is altogether a desirable hardy shrub.

The Spirea Grandiflora

The October number of The Flore des Serres has a colored drawing of this new and very remarkable Spiraea. It has snow-white flowers, about as large as those of an Almond. It was sent to England by Mr. Fortune, from China, as an Amelanehier ; but on examination by Sir Wm. Hooker, was found to be a Spiraea, but it is regarded as the type of a peculiar section. It will most likely prove hardy here. We hope to receive some plants in the spring.

A Splendid Azalea

In the greenhouse of Prof. Chas. S. Sargent, at Brookline, Mass., there was in bloom the latter part of May, an Azalea of mammoth proportions, the largest plant in his collection, and named The Decorah. It measured 16 feet in circumference, and its dome, 5 feet high, was covered with over 8,000 magnificent rose-colored blossoms. There are 250 others of magnificent size and colors, and when in the glory of full bloom make a fairy-like scene.

A Splendid Pampas Grass

A contributor to Gardener's Chronicle this year says he had a very fine tuft, measuring 35 feet round and 10 feet 6 inches high, with 102 fine spikes upon it.

A Splendid Sight

Upon the grounds of John R. Boyd, Ballymacool, in North Ireland, there bloomed the past year a monster Rhododendron (R. lancifolium). It is about sixteen feet high, fifty feet in diameter of branches, and expanded upward of 400 splendid scarlet trusses of flowers. Mr. Boyd says the brilliancy of its color, the admirable shape of its blossoms, and the way in which the foliage falls down about the trusses, so as to set off to the best advantage, render this the most beautiful Rhododendron ever seen in the kingdom.