One of the most complete, tastefully-arranged, and well-kept suburban residences in the fashionable quarter of our city, (East Avenue), is that of Selah Mathews, Esq. The front lawn is spacious in proportion to the extent of the grounds, and is kept closely cut and smooth as a piece of velvet The fruit and kitchen garden in the rear of the dwelling show good culture. On each side of the main walk there is a row of fine dwarf Pears in full bearing. The trees of Louise Bonne de Jersey and Dutches d,Angouleme are models of beauty and productiveness combined. They are grown as low standards with pyramidal heads. A snug little vinery, about twenty-five feet long, and bearing a fine crop of fruit, gives a finish to this department; and we understand another? to be heated, and to include pits for forcing early vegetables, is about to be erected. Barns and other out-buildings, servants dwellings, etc, all exhibit taste and judgment in the arrangement, and complete the picture .of a very comfortable establishment.

We have others to speak of by-and-by.