We are indebted to the Rural Messenger for the following handsome expression of good will for The Horticulturist :

"The Horticulturist. - Among the journals specially devoted to the promotion of rural art and taste, the Horticulturist occupies a prominent position. Its labors have been extended through nearly a quarter of a century, having been founded by the late A. J. Downing in 1846 - a name illustrious in the annals of American Horticulture. After his death it was continued for a time by his brother, Chas. Downing, and now the mantle is worthily worn by Henry T. Williams, who serves up monthly to his subscribers a journal of rare merit and of varied contents. Mr. Williams has large experience, is an elegant writer, and independent withal of the influence often sought to bear upon a popular editor by interested parties. Keeping up to the spirit of the age, and containing a fund of valuable information on all the subjects coming within its scope, we cordially recommend the Horticulturist to all interested in surrounding their homesteads with the comforts and elegancies of this age of progress and refinement".