The spring exhibition was held at the Academy of Music. Having been unable to attend, we are not able to speak of the character of the exhibition personally, but it is represented as having been eminently satisfactory, and very encouraging to future efforts. Fine plants were exhibited from the collections of Messrs. Beanies, Langley, Hoyt, Stewart, Menand, Buchanan, Chamberlain, Dailledouze & Zeller, Cadness, and others. The attendance was large, and the receipts were greater than was anticipated. The following is a list of the prizes awarded:

For the best collection of plants, David Fowlis, gardener to E. Hoyt, Esq., Astoria, L. I.

Second best collection, Gustavus Messenberg, gardener to Henry M. Bearnes, Esq., Lee Avenue, Williamsburgh.

Best Ferns and Lycopodiums, Louis Menand, Albarry, N. Y.

Best Cacti, Wm, Grant, gardener to Wm. Vandeventer, Esq., Astoria, L. I.

Second best Cacti, Louis Menand.

Best Verbenas, Wm. Poynter, Brooklyn.

Best six stove or green-house plants, Louis Menand.

Best three stove or green-house plants, Louis Menand.

Best specimen stove or green-house plant, George Hamlyn, gardener to Wm. C. Langley, Esq., Bay Ridge, L. I.

Second best specimen, Louis Menand.

Best six variegated or ornamental leaf plants, Gustavus Messenberg.

Second best six variegated or ornamental leaf plants, Louis Menand.

Best specimen, Louis Menand.

Second best specimen, Gustavus Messenberg.

Best two Orchids, Isaac Buchanan, Astoria, L. L.

Second best two Orchids, Louis Menand.

Best specimen Orchids, Isaac Buchanan.

Best six Azaleas, Thomas Templeton, gardener to "The Large Estate," Brooklyn.

Second best six Azaleas, Louis Menand.

Best three Azaleas, Louis Menand.

Second best three Azaleas, J. W. Degrauw, Esq., Brooklyn.

Best specimen Azaleas,, George Hamlyn.

Second best specimen Azaleas, Louis Menand.

Best four Ericas, Louis Menand.

Best two Ericas. David Foulis.

Beat specimen Ericas, George Hamlyn.

Second best specimen Ericas, Louis Menand.

Best six Pelargoniums, George Hamlyn.

Best eight varieties of Roses, W. Poynter, florist, Brooklyn.

Second best eight varieties of Roses, Gustavus Messenberg.

Best six varieties of Roses, W. Poynter.

Best three Fuchsias, Gustavus Messenberg.

Best four Gloxinias, Henry Tanner, gardener to J. S. T. Stranahan, Esq., Brooklyn.

Best Colored Stockgilly, J. W. Wood, Washington Heights, N. Y.

Best specimen annual flower, Gustavus Messenberg.

Best four Monthly Carnations, Dailledouze & Zeller, florists, Brooklyn.

Best twelve Pansies, Mrs. John Humphries, florist, Brooklyn.

Best collection of cut flowers, Gustavus Messenberg.

Best twelve cut Roses, Wm. Poynter.

Best parlor or table bouquet, James Weir, Jr., Bay Ridge, L. I.

Best pair hand bouquets, Thos. Templeton.

Second best pair hand bouquets, James Mallin, florist, Brooklyn.

Best dish of Strawberries, Henry Tanner.

Best six heads of Lettuce, Thomas Prosser, Jr., Bedford, L I.

Best six stalks of Rhubarb, Thomas Prosser, Jr.

Best twenty-five Radishes, Thos. Prosses, Jr.

Best and most correct labelling of plants, Louis Menand.