Trade List of Parsons & Co., Flushing, near New York, fox Autumn of 1856.

Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, 1856-57. By Verry Aldrich, Arispe, Burcen County, Illinois.

Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees cultivated and for sale at the Hopewell Nurseries, near Fredericksburg, Virginia, Henry R- Robey, Proprietor.

New Plants exhibited at the London Crystal Palace lately, were Abies Kaempferi, a new Larch, from the North of China, said to grow one hundred and fifty feet high, and perfectly hardy; its foliage is very fine. Leptodaotylon Californiotun, from South California, foliage and habit resembling Roellia ciliata, flowers two inches in diameter, light rose, tinged with lilac, and pronounced one of the most beautiful greenhouse shrubs. Gesneria Dono-kelaarl, a foot and a half high, with spikes of blooms a foot in height. Philesia buxifolia, with two or three new Ixoras, and Begonia Thwaitesii, with handsome, brown foliage, having blotches of dull green. A Rhamnus, of a species producing a celebrated Chinese green dye. The Collinsia verna, a native of Kentucky, attracted much notice, and is recommended as a charming bedding-out plant, having a profuse succession of flowers, the upper lip of the corolla being pure white, and the lower oneasure blue, with white rays, and the under side pink.