Mr. Snow's catalogue of Verbenas is the first devoted exclusively to that flower we have seen, and is well worthy the attention of the cultivators of this popular bedding plant.

R. Buist's Catalogue of Select Roses, cultivated and for sale at his Nurseries, Rosedale, Darby Road, two miles below Gray's Ferry. Seed Warehouse, No. 822 Market street, Philadelphia. - Mr. Buist's name is familiar to all cultivators as a "household word," and his catalogues are always up with the times. We see on his lists the best new Roses.

Catalogue of Annual, Biennial, and Perennial Flower Seeds. Also, Catalogue of Vegetable Seeds. By Alfred Bridgeman, 874 and 878 Broadway, N. Y. Garden and Green-Houses, Astoria, L. L - This is the season of the year when seed catalogues are referred to, and these offer very complete lists.

Directions for Planting and Cultivating the New Rochelle or Lawton Blackberry. By Geo. Seymour & Co., Norwalk, Conn.

Cranberry Culture. Directions by F. Trowbridge, New Haven, Conn.