Descriptive Catalogue of Foreign and Native Evergreen and Deciduous Trees and Shrubbery, for shade and ornamental planting, by David J. Griscom, Proprietor of the Evergreen Nursery, Woodbury, N. J.

Descriptive Catalogue of Hardy Trees and Shrubs, cultivated and for sale by Robert BUIST, Nurseryman and Seed Grower, Philadelphia.

R. Buist's Select Catalogue of Rare and Popular Flowering Green-House, Hot-House and Hardy Plants, including new species lately introduced.

R. Buist's Catalogue of Select Roses, and a Supplement of new and rare plants.

Those who intend to plant this spring, will find in these catalogues, and in our advertising sheets, abundant information as to where the various articles are to be found.

Catalogues #1

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs and Plants, cultivated and for sale by Anthony & McAfee, Wachusett Nurseries, New Bedford, Mass.

Catalogues #2

The season of catalogue-issues for the spring is over; we have but one to chronicle the present month, that of Thomas E. Cook & Sons, of Pleasant Ridge Nurseries, near Bendersville, Adams County, Penn., who have an extensive assortment of trees, plants, and shrubs, which we trust are extensively patronized, as they deserve to be.

Catalogue #3

We thank our numerous friends for their catalogues, which are useful and many of them elegant. We are unable to make special notices of them, as our space is very crowded. We prefer to give our readers a feast of " good things" in the shape of excellent reading and practical hints.