Probably no question has been asked bo often of our leading florists, within the past three years, by gentlemen, as this: " How can I build and beat a Cheap Green-hotae." And for a long time none could give a satisfactory answer. Most conservatories and greenhouses hitherto erected, have been of a costly character, from 92,000 upward, each requiring special heating apparatus, and the special attention of one in cold nights) than the usual air of the room.

It is our pleasure, at last, to say, that the much desired invention has appeared, which seems to us most perfectly adapted to the successful beating and operation of any greenhouse of this character.

The accompanying illustration represents a full view of a small greenhouse, with hot water pipes surrounding the bare inside, plan for Heating a Small Conservatory person who must always be present. But the taste for plant growing within doors, has advanced so rapidly, in the last three years, that many ladies and gentlemen have begun the erection of small conservatories, which are connected with the main portion of their dwellings, and open immediately into the parlors, libraries or sitting rooms. Bay windows, too, have multiplied - have gradually become filled with a large and often handsome collection of in-door plants; and these, too, have begun to feel the necessity of better heating arrangements (especially and supplied from a small base-burning water heater, placed in the cellar or basement of the adjoining building.

It is one of new construction by Hitching & Co., of this city, who have adapted it especially to the purpose for which needed.

Its heating capacity is sufficient to heat about 200 feet of pipe surface, and suitable to heat a conservatory that has about 600 square feet of glass on the roof, sides and ends.

The fire chamber is surrounded by water, as is also the ash pit, so as to economize the fuel to the fullest extent, and insure perfect safety. They are easily managed, and with as little care as the ordinary base-burning stoves.

The conservatory illustrated in our plan, is twenty-four feet long and fourteen feet wide, connected with and communicating with the parlor.

The cost of beater, with pipes in conservatory, all complete, will vary from $150 to (200, according to the size of conservatory, position of boiler, etc.

And the total cost pf g r e e n-honse complete with pipes, boiler, etc., is estimated at a-bout $600. Possibly any one with mechanical ingenuity to make his own con-se r vatory, need not spend over $850 to $400. The heater must be place immediately near a chimney, where there is a good draught, and once adjusted, needs no looking after for hours.

Many would like to see the heater do double duty, of heating both conservatory and parlor, but such cannot be conveniently arranged. Each room requires its own apparatus.

The heater described here will maintain sufficient heat in the conservatory; the temperature will not fall below sixty deg. in very cold days. It seems, in our opinion, to meet the purpose most admirably, and we will be happy to forward any letter fro m putties who wish to correspond with the manufacturer for its erection.

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